Doc Johnson Good Head Cooling Blue Ice Lollipop

Send shivers down your lover's spine with this cool and tingling Blue Ice lollipop from Good Head. Giving you a glacial freshness and arctic chilled breath, this sexy sweet helps to mix up everyday oral sex and tease and delight your partner's senses.

Increasing saliva production and transforming your mouth into a cooling and minty fresh cavern, the Blue Ice lollipop makes oral sex wickedly cool and deliciously tingly for both partners.

Try sucking on the sweet for a couple of minutes before giving your lover some oral attention, experimenting with cooling blows of air and icy licks.

Long lasting and great tasting, this lollipop is a great way to spice up (or cool down!) oral sex for him and for her.

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Blue 1

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