The Perfect Submissive by Kay Jaybee

  • Steamy erotic novel from award-winner author Kay Jaybee
  • Fast-moving plot explores Jess' submissive fantasies
  • A sensual insight into the world of BDSM
  • Delightfully detailed to leave you hot and bothered
  • Themed rooms to satisfy every fantasy

When Jess Sanders started working at Fables Hotel as a clerk, she was entirely unprepared for the sexy, secret activities that take place on the top floor. More shocking was how much she enjoyed her trips there...

Hidden away in the grand hotel are 5 rooms governed by entertainment manager, Mrs Peters. The mysterious things that take place in these themed rooms are revealed to Jess one by one - the classroom, the torture chamber and more.

Recruited as 'specialist staff', Jess undertakes an unusual training programme under the supervision of Miss Sarah, resident dominatrix. Will she become the perfect submissive?

In this exciting new paperback from Xcite books, Kay Jaybee draws us into a world of secret dealings in pleasure chambers. Vividly detailed passages and a compelling plot lure the reader into a world of seduction and submission.

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