Lovehoney Oh! Thriller Spinner Foreplay Game

  • Spinner sex game for spontaneous foreplay fun
  • Easy game with no rules and no set up - just spin and get to it
  • Gives sexy suggestions for how to play, where to play and which body part to play with
  • Twist the blue, purple and pink discs to set up specific scenarios or leave them on random for a sexy surprise
  • Lightweight and slim - perfect for discreet storage and play away from home

Put your own spin on sexy Twister and get tangled with your lover all over the house with the Lovehoney Oh! Thriller Spinner Foreplay Game. This game literally couldn't be easier to play and gives you sexy suggestions for spontaneous sexytime. Yissss!

When we say this game couldn't be easier to play, we're not lying. With no setup, small parts or props, all you need to do is remove the spinner from its box, spin the arrow and get down to business!

You can play the wheel as it is, or set up a few custom scenarios by rotating the pink, purple and blue discs. The blue disc tells you which body part you'll be playing with, the purple one tells you how, and pink tells you which room of the house you'll be playing in.

Lovehoney Oh! is a fun and flirtatious collection of gifts and games, designed to inspire and delight you and your partner in the bedroom - and beyond.

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