THRUST Lifelike Sex Toy Renewer Powder 118g

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  • Renewer powder by THRUST Pro to help keep your toys feeling like new
  • A must-have for extending the use of your favourite realistic-feel male sex toy
  • Silky, non-toxic formula in a sprinkle bottle is easy to apply

As with any partner, it's important to show your real-feel pleasure playthings a little bit of love. Keep them feeling as soft and supple as the day you first met by adding a dusting of this renewer powder post-clean, and enjoy long-lasting lifelike fun.

When you've finished with your favourite realistic-feel toy, just clean thoroughly and leave to dry before topping it with a sprinkling of Thrust Renewer and storing it somewhere safe, dry, and away from prying eyes. Regular use can help extend the life of your main masturbator - and when it feels that good, isn't that just what you want?

Ingredients: Cornstarch

  • Essential Info

    • Pharmacy Features: Fast-Acting
    • Pharmacy drug type: Powder

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