5 Reasons Everyone Should Own a Blindfold

5 Reasons Everyone Should Own a Blindfold

by Jess

on 25 Jul 2018


Blindfolds remove one sense, heightening all of your others and opening you up to a whole world of intense sensory play.

Every kiss, touch, stroke, lick and spank will be magnified and have you shivering with anticipation for the next.

Sounds good? Of course it does.

Read on to shed a little light on the sensory world of blindfolds.

Top-Rated Blindfolds for Couples:

1. They Enhance Sensitivity for the Wearer:


Probably the closest thing to giving yourself superhero powers, slipping a blindfold on immediately heightens all of the wearer's senses.

This includes taste, touch, smell and sound, which the non-blindfold-wearing partner can take advantage of.


  • Wearing your partner's favourite perfume or aftershave to get them in the mood
  • Nibbling on their earlobe and whispering sweet (or not so sweet) nothings in their ear
  • Using a feather tickler, massage oil or their favourite sex toy on them

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2. They Boost Confidence for the Non-Wearer:

For many, the thought of being watched when trying out a new move or taking control can be a little scary.

By popping a blindfold on your partner, you remove their gaze, allowing you to experiment freely, without worrying about how you look.


  • Sex positions where you (the non-wearer) are on top
  • Masturbating in front of your partner - let them listen to you enjoy yourself
  • Power play with some beginner-friendly bondage gear
  • Wearing sensual lingerie (like satin or silk) let them feel it before they see it

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3. One Size Fits All:


If (like most people) you have a head, you can wear a blindfold. It helps if you have eyes too.

Suitable for pretty much all humans, blindfolds are gender-neutral, all inclusive and suit all kinds of play, from vanilla to kinky.

Some blindfolds have buckles, others have long ties or super-stretchy elastic. Which you choose is up to you.


  • Buying a blindfold which you and your partner both like - switch who wears it
  • Both wearing a blindfold at the same time. Use only your remaining senses to guide you (very carefully!)
  • A soft introduction with a semi-opaque blindfold

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4. They're Non-Intimidating:

Oh! Blindfold

Probably one of the few things on a sex toy website you're likely to have encountered in everyday life, a blindfold is really no different to a sleep mask.

(Yep, the ones that you get when you go flying.)

As a blindfold already feels like a familiar item, they are a brilliant non-intimidating toy to introduce a newbie to.

Plus, you can pick them up in lingerie-inspired materials, making them even more inviting.


  • Buying a blindfold and lingerie set
  • Choosing a blindfold that looks like an eye mask
  • Having a nap! (Just to test the comfort, of course)

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5. They're Cheap:

Get Started

Generally speaking, blindfolds are an inexpensive purchase, so you can easily try one out without forking out big bucks.

If you think you'd like to experiment with some other toys at the same time, you can even buy blindfold sets that come with other accessories too!


  • A beginner-friendly blindfold set like the Get Started Kit
  • Using your leftover cash for a cheeky take-away. Did I hear someone say Uber Eats?
  • Combining a blindfold with earplugs for total sensory deprivation (Nope. No one heard anything.)

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Now you know WHY you should own a blindfold, learn how to use one HERE


Written by Jess.

Originally published on 25 Jul 2018. Updated on 5 Aug 2020