Looking to Buy a Butt Plug?

Everyone in the wonderful world of sex can enjoy a butt plug because, joy oh joy, everyone in the world has a butt. As an equal opportunity sex toy, most butt plugs are not gendered – they are the same for men, women and people of every sexual persuasion. Yay for that.

If you’ve never tried a butt plug, we’ve got you covered with beginner toys and a helpful video. And if you’re a butt plug pro, check out our wide range and find something new for your beautiful bum to fall in love with.

The Benefits of Butt Plugs

People enjoy butt plugs for all kinds of reasons. Most of all, they can make that Big O even bigger. And who doesn’t want that? On your own, they can provide extra sensations to elevate buffing the muff or choking the chook to a grand finale.

For couple play, butt plugs can be a great warm-up entrée for a hot anal sex main course. They can help you relax your body, mind and butt, providing tons of bum fun.

If you’re rocking a prostate, butt plugs can stimulate your P-spot and provide stacks of pleasure. All our butt plugs feature a tapered base to ensure they’re safe to use.

Discover our Wide Selection of Butt Plugs

Like all good sex toys, butt plugs come in a wide range of sizes, materials and styles. Everyone’s got their personal faves and the more the merrier. Check out our range and discover for yourself how playing with an anus that’s jam-packed with nerve endings can be so much fun.

For those starting out on their backdoor adventure, a beginner butt plug is a great way to begin. Choose a smallish one to get the hang of it and don’t forget to slip, slop, slap your toy with anal lube for friction-free fun. It’s extra thick and slick to make anal play comfortable and sexy.

Fancy dressing up as a fox, bunny, pony or pussy? A tail butt plug comes with a gorgeous animal tail to turn your next sexual role play scene into a marvellous menagerie. Giddyup.

An inflatable butt plug puffs up to a bigger size once inside you. Squeeze the attached ball pump and feel that girth expanding, mmm…

A princess plug, also known as a jewel or diamond butt plug, is a sex toy that makes a pretty feature of their pleasure portal. They’re perfect if you adore pink, jewels, love hearts or other glittering things.

If you love a firm finish and a sleek look, maybe go for a glass butt plug . They are safe to use and open up a world of temperature play.

For more experienced anal players and those really wanting to be filled up, a large butt plug is a generous toy that can expand your sexual pleasure horizons.

Back Door Bliss: Why You Should Use Butt Plugs

A minxy minute with Lovehoney provides a crash course in butt plugs. From lube to long-term wear, our expert explorers are here to answer some commonly requested enquiries about the beloved butt plug.

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