Top 5 Oral Sex Toys for Penises

From glans stimulation to deep-throating fun, we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best oral sex toy for you.

Whether you love receiving oral sex and want the real-feel deal during play, or are looking for something to enhance your existing oral sex sessions, Lovehoney has a range of Oral Sex Toys for you.

Thanks to never-ending sex toy innovation, you can now experience the sensations of someone going down on you, even if you’re playing solo.

Best for solo oral sex sensations

BlowYo Extreme Wave Textured Blowjob Stroker

Be blown away by the sensations of intense oral sex with this revolutionary textured male stroker. Expertly designed with two solid rings at either end of a super-stretchy sleeve, it's a winner for both solo pleasure sessions and for fun with a partner.

What customers say: "This toy is a departure from most I've experienced. It ticks all the boxes I need. It's small, discrete, easy to clean and feels great. You can conjure up a range of different sensations depending on how much you choose to stretch it out."

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Best for fulfilling your blow job fantasies

THRUST Pro Mini Ruby Textured Blow Job Mouth 216g

Luscious Ruby is here, with soft skin-like material, plump lips and a textured, tight canal ready to envelop you all the way to orgasm. Plus, she's vibrator-compatible so you can add some extra buzz to your fun.

What customers say: "Now my missus is quite handy with her mouth, and after a while of her pleasuring me I find my hands start to tingle and go numb! Unbelievably Ruby had the same hand tingling effect after much less time, and led to a really fantastic and satisfying orgasm. - kinkystuff"

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Best for adding new sensations

Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator

Fitting snugly against your most sensitive spaces, the head, frenulum and glans, this warming male vibrator combines multiple vibe functions with a mouth-like heat that's sure to take you over the edge.

What customers say: ""You then place the masturbator over the end of your penis and either hold it in place or move it up and down. Get the vibrations going and see what happens. In my case what happened was I had an orgasm. Really quickly. The little thing works wonders." - Colonel Lube"

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Best for deep throating

TENGA Original Vacuum Deep Throat Onacup

Shaped with a pinched 'waist' for unparalleled tightness and lined with valves to create a deep sucking sensation, the TENGA Original Vacuum Deep Throat Onacup is a vacuum-fired deep-throat blow job you can keep on your bedside table.

What customers say: "My mind was absolutely blown clean off and I was left lying on the sofa with a VERY hard penis and the tail end of an orgasm floating through me. It was genuinely the most surreal and incredible experience; the techs at Tenga sure as hell know what they're doing!"

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Best for full length strokes

Lovehoney Head Master Double Texture Blow Job Stroker

Textured strokers like the Lovehoney Head Master offer incredible sensations from the supple fronds lining the length of each side. The open-ended flute allows you to tease all the way down the shaft which is great for mimicking oral strokes, or offering deep throat sensations when used with a partner.

What customers say: "I used it in a twisting and up and down motion and licked around the head at the same time - I’ve never felt him so hard! Came in no time at all and it was easy to clean as you can turn it inside out fairly easily. - ComeGirl27"

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