How to Use a Sex Doll

Sex dolls are designed to closely match the shape and feel of a real person, turning solo play into couple’s play in a flash.

Unlike handheld male sex toys, sex dolls allow you to enjoy sex positions and penetration just like you would with a partner. That’s not the only thing they’re good for, though – if you have a partner, they also let you explore the possibility of adding a third person to your relationship.

We offer two main types of doll: classic blow-up sex dolls, and more modern lifelike sex dolls made of silicone or other realistic material. They mostly differ in terms of care and storage, but how you enjoy them is largely very similar.

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Let there be lube

Whether lifelike or inflatable, sex dolls love lubricant just as much as their living, breathing counterparts. Depending on how many entry points your doll has, you may need to lube her vagina, ass and mouth as well as your penis to enjoy slick, satisfying sensations.

“It is worth pointing out that you will require some lubricant of some description as realistic vagina and ass are snug.” - Little Strummer Boy

Most sex dolls have entrances made of real feel material, so they are not compatible with oil- or silicone-based lubricants (which will degrade the material). To be on the safe side, always choose your favourite water-based lube to use with your doll.

Try new positions

You can move your doll just like you might do a partner, and as a result you’ll be able to try out positions you’ve always wanted to explore while prioritising your comfort and enjoyment.

“This means you can really experiment with lots of different types of positions without breaking anything!” - AdieMX-5

Inflatable sex dolls are generally not too flexible or posable, but they can be light enough that you can easily change position with them in the heat of the moment. More sculpted, lifelike sex dolls are heavier and may limit your ability to spontaneously change position, but they tend to have core skeletons which let them really pose and flex into realistic positions.

Ménage à trois

If you and your partner have always considered trying a threesome but don’t want the complication of adding a whole other person to your relationship, a sex doll could be just the compromise you’re looking for.

“It was such a turn on watching my hubby take us both one at a time. He was also able to perform oral sex on me whilst doing her in the missionary position, making it ideal for threesomes.” - Delboy1991

Try giving a third a try in the bedroom with a doll you both agree on.

Dress her up

Sex dolls are shaped like real people, so you can really upgrade your experience by dressing her in some sultry lingerie or adding a wig.

“She looks and feels beautiful, even more so when dressed in lingerie or clothes. She will stand when propped up, even wearing high heel shoes, giving her an even more lifelike appearance.” - DazBaz

If you’re not looking for a relationship with another person, sex dolls also make great company. There are even some soft, teddy-bear-like dolls that are ideal for cuddling and enjoying without penetrative sex.

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