Beginner's Guide to TENGA

TENGA is an innovative Japanese male sex toy company that boasts a range of discreet, super-satisfying sex toys for men.

Founded in 2005 and now one of the most well-loved brands in erotic male pleasure technology, TENGA specialise in thrilling strokers and male masturbators that don't resemble human anatomy. Their offerings include everything from single-use toys for beginners to long-term investments for connoisseurs.

Using TENGA toys is similar to how to use a Fleshlight: just lube them up with water-based lubricant and slide your penis inside to enjoy detailed, mind-blowing textures. They're a simple and exciting way to change up your solo play, and since they don't look like another person, many couples enjoy using them together to enhance their foreplay, too.

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Why do people use TENGA toys?

The main reason people use TENGA toys is because they feel amazing, but people also use them to spice up their sex life and to train themselves to last longer during intercourse with a partner.

  1. TENGA toys are really easy to use. They're made of stretchy, non-bacterial thermoplastic elastomer, so they fit people of many different sizes. To use a TENGA, all you need to do is lube up your length and the inside of the toy, make sure you're erect, and push inside.

  2. TENGA toys don't look like another person, so a lot of couples love to share them. Plenty of partners like to use TENGA Eggs and TENGA Spinners to instantly upgrade their handjob prowess and deliver intense satisfaction to their male partners.

  3. The biggest reason why people use TENGA toys is because they feel great! Every different TENGA toy has a specific internal texture lined with ribs, nubs and nodules, and all of them feel brilliant.

  4. A good way to make the most of TENGA toys is by using them as stamina trainers. Stamina training is when a man masturbates until they're near the point of orgasm, then stops stimulation for 30 seconds before continuing. TENGA toys help to make this training process feel a bit more like intercourse, and can assist people who suffer from premature ejaculation with a partner.

Different types of TENGA toys

If you're wondering which TENGA to get, we've got you covered. Here are a few of the best types of TENGA toys, as well as some details about what makes each TENGA so good.

  1. TENGA Cups are the original TENGA design, and they're still beloved by many fans of the brand today. TENGA Cups may be single-use or suitable to enjoy again and again - just check the description to be sure you get the kind you want. With firm plastic cases to keep their gloriously textured canals safe and a suction hole at the base to give you precise control over your pleasure, TENGA Cups are an ideal first-time male masturbator.

  2. TENGA Eggs are the smallest, most discreet TENGA toys. They come in small plastic cases shaped like chicken eggs, but don't be fooled by their size - TENGA Eggs are super-stretchy and fit over most penises. One of the most frequently asked questions is: are TENGA Eggs reusable? Sadly, TENGA Eggs are not reusable, although you can wear a condom and gently rinse your Egg after use to prolong its lifespan.

  3. The TENGA Flip Hole is a reusable TENGA masturbator with a specially designed pressure plate that you can squeeze for precise control while you play. It has a discreet storage case that doubles as a way to help it dry once you're finished playing, so it's much more convenient to clean than a Fleshlight.

TENGA Spinner is a uniquely designed TENGA that actually spirals around your shaft as you stroke up and down. It's a reusable TENGA with a sturdy storage case to protect it between uses, and has a reversible design that makes cleaning simple.

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