Beginner's Guide to Anal Vibrators

You already enjoy vibrations and you love some back door fun; now read our guide on how to combine them into one truly delightful anal adventure.

Anal vibrators are simply toys designed for your anus that also vibrate. Whether your toy is in a traditional butt plug, anal bead or prostate massager shape, when they have the ability to vibrate, they’re anal vibrators.

(You can even use traditionally vaginal vibrators like rabbit vibrators in your bum if you’d like—as long as your toy has a flared base or finger loop to stop it disappearing into the great beyond, you’re good to go. Make sure to always thoroughly clean and disinfect any toy that’s been in your bum before it goes anywhere near your vagina, though, as anal bacteria can disrupt the vagina’s delicate balance.)

Anal vibrators do amazing things to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in your rear even more than static anal toys, and our handy guide is here to help you get the most bum fun from your toy.

Video: How to Find Your Prostate

Above: Need some assistance stimulating the prostate? Sammi Cole explains it all in our handy video guide.

Lube for success

No matter what type of anal vibrator you have, you’ll need to provide the lubricant, since the anus doesn’t offer any of its own. The best lube to use with anal vibrators is a water-based anal lubricant, which is compatible with all sex toy materials.

“Once I could sense him relaxing I used a good water-based lube on his anus and some on the massager. Slowly inserting it and watching his body react was amazing.” - Inked unicorn

Take care to use a lubricant that’s formulated for anal play, since they tend to be thicker and provide longer-lasting lubrication when playing in the posterior.

Start small

Whether you use a vibrating toy or not, it’s best to start out with a smaller item the first time you play anally. You can choose an anal vibrator as your first toy if you’d like – after all, you don’t need to turn on the vibrations if you’d rather start by concentrating the delicious ‘full up’ feeling of a toy in your bum.

“Would recommend to other newbies in this area. It’s small but powerful and great for newcomers! It’s also quiet also. That was an added bonus.” - Loving123

Before inserting your anal vibrator, explore the different settings so you don’t get any surprises while you’re playing. If your toy stays nicely inserted, you could even wear it while having intercourse with your partner to enjoy even more varied play.

Explore new shapes and sizes

Once you know you like a certain shape of anal toy or the feel of vibes buzzing away in your rear, the next step is to find new toys that enhance your sensation. Why not try a rotating prostate massager, which not only vibes against your sensitive P-spot but also strokes it with a rotating tip?

“Once it was in oh my did it feel good. The rotations and vibrations were amazing.” - Rusty19841

You could also try a double penetration strap-on, which straps a vibrating dildo just under your penis to provide thrilling double penetration to your partner. If you like the feel of a vibrating butt plug, you could also try a combo ‘butt plug cock ring’ to really add to your pleasure.

Recommended Anal Vibrators

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