How to Buy One Size Lingerie

If you're left dazed and confused by the world of erotic undergarments (and not even our Guide to Lingerie Styles could help), then there's an easy solution you can try: the wonderful world of the One Size garment.

Lingerie shopping is tricky at the best of times. If you've tried and failed to find the perfect lingerie gift for your partner before, it can be tempting to write-off the whole experience. One Size lingerie is designed to fit and flatter most figures, making One Size items as close to a dead cert as you can get.

Who is one size lingerie for?


Why buy One Size Lingerie?

One size lingerie is ideal for anyone who struggles to find lingerie that fits them as they’d like. It’s also the perfect solution to the constant struggle with sizing when buying a slinky set for that special someone.

There’s nothing worse than ordering a beautiful new lingerie set, only to find it doesn’t fit properly. Not to mention if you’re planning on gifting a new set to a special someone and you’re not quite sure of their size! Thankfully, one size lingerie is here to cure all your sizing woes.

First things first, have a quick squiz at our guide to lingerie styles to familiarise yourself with all the styles on offer at Lovehoney. Here’s a quick recap of some of the structured and unstructured styles you can find at Lovehoney:

Structured Styles

Sculpting, form-fitting and overall confidence-boosting, structured styles tend to fit close to the body, highlighting natural curves.

Unstructured Styles

Loose and floaty-free, unstructured lingerie styles favour comfort and movement while still looking flirty, fun and gorgeous.

Once you’ve figured out a sexy little number (or two!) that suits your body and hits your lust-o-metre, drop back here and figure out how to seal the one size deal.

Buy one size lingerie for your lover

Confused about the best garment size to buy for your sweetheart? Want to get her a lingerie gift she’ll adore and you’ll go nuts for? Then look no further, Lovehoney is here to help!

If you’ve already skimmed our guide to lingerie styles and are still unsure of where to start, check out our handy guide on how to buy sexy lingerie for women. It’s packed full of tips to guide you on your quest to choose the perfectly seductive piece for your boo. Once you’ve figured out the colour, fabric, and style, all that’s left is nailing down the size!

What does ‘one size’ mean?

At Lovehoney, we firmly believe that everyone should be able to look and feel absolutely bangin’ in a stunning lingerie set, no matter their size or shape. Thanks to our extensive one size collection, we’re able to offer a range of lingerie that has been specially designed to fit and flatter all figures without the usual fuss of trying to figure out the right sizing! The one size collection includes two ranges. The Regular range covers sizes 8-16, the Queen range covers sizes 18-22 and the Curve range covers sizes 24-28. Here’s to fuss-free shopping!

Tips for choosing One Size Lingerie

1. Check the model's info


Take a look at that model photo for inspo on how the lingerie may look when you wear it. Every Lovehoney lingerie piece has been lovingly styled on a beautiful model with a real-world figure so you can see exactly how hot it will look on your own bod! Check her out to see how the piece will fall over your curves. Seeing is believing, so when you spot a model shaped like you and you get a warm feeling in your lovin’ oven, you buy with confidence.

Along with the handy reference pics is a brief description about the model’s size and measurements so you can be sure that the sizing will match your own.

Here’s an example of one of our model size descriptions:

‘Model is a UK size 18 and 5’10½" tall with a 44E bust. She is wearing One Size Queen.’

2. Read customer reviews


Last but not least, be sure to check the customer reviews to see how some of our other Lovehoney customers found our pieces!

Lovehoney is home to over 287,000 reviews, and they include lingerie. Reviewers tend to offer specific feedback that might help you in making your final choice, like notes on their cup size and how well the lingerie fit.

3. Buy it and enjoy


As you can see, purchasing a stunning one size lingerie piece literally couldn’t be easier!

Once you've followed the steps above after browsing our one size lingerie collection, all you need to do is buy. Simply browse the Lovehoney brand lingerie we have on offer, select your desired piece, and choose from the Regular, Queen or Curve range.

And congratulations: you've now purchased a piece for yourself or your kinky companion with the confidence that it will fit and flatter.

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