How to Increase Your Libido: Tips and Essentials

Looking for ways to spice up your sex life and re-energize your libido?

It’s normal for your sex drive to fluctuate over time, with many factors often contributing to your lack and desire for intimacy and love-making. It may be general tiredness and stress, a slump in body confidence, a lack of time spent together with your partner, or even just age can take its toll on your sexual endeavors. From time to time, we all feel less like making love and more like pulling the covers over as we slip into a deep slumber.

Though if things are feeling a little lack-lustre in the passion department, and you want to reignite the flame of sexual desire, there are lots of things that can help.

Exercise More

You might think exercise is all about getting fit and losing weight, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be great for improving your sex life too. As blood pumps through and circulates the body, boosting cardiac performance and overall stamina, similar happens for your genitals too. It’s been documented that good, regular exercise can help people who experience erectile dysfunction, while the combined confidence and physical fitness benefits of exercise can contribute to feeling more sexually empowered overall.

Sleep Well

Let’s get real – sex is the last thing on all our minds when we’re feeling burnt out and tired. So, sleep well. Sleep disorders, or a lack of good sleeping habits can lend itself to sexual dysfunction, low libido and a general drop in mood. However busy life may get, ensure you set healthy sleeping patterns to stay fit, well and sexually satisfied. If sleep has become a concerning problem for you, speak with your doctor to start improving your bedtime regime.


Rearrange Your Priorities

Sure, you might have a to-do list as long as your arm to tackle each day. Don’t we all? It’s too easy to get distracted by work pressures, household chores and errands but it’s important to remember that YOU matter too. If you’re finding that your sex life is on the burner while you continually tend to other needs, try reshuffling your priorities so that you can put yourself (and your partner) first occasionally.

Explore Yourself

Sometimes the only touch we need is our own. Having sexual encounters with other people can feel incredibly exciting but flying solo can be just as enjoyable. Dig out the toys, splash on the lubricant, put on your favourite playlist and go to town on an adventure of sexual self-discovery. It’s been proven that masturbation can reduce stress levels and improve cognitive health. What’s more, it’ll tell you so much about how you enjoy being touched and aroused so you can pass this on to future partners.


Use Lubricant

All sex, whether alone or with a partner, feels better with a little lubrication. With or without toys, lubricant can help you feel more comfortable during sexual activity. Lubricant can reduce friction, lessening the risk of sex-related injury, relieve dryness and enhance pleasure for both you and your partner. There are lots of different types of lubricant available including water-based and silicone based. If you’re using toys and condoms, make sure you choose a compatible lube.

Take Supplements

If low libido is affecting your mood and relationship, taking a sexual health supplement could be just the ticket for relighting the spark. Here are some of our best-selling supplements for a healthy, happy sex life.

Best-Selling Sex Supplements

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