1. WandA's review of B Swish BWarm Amber Massage Candle 52g

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      1. B Swish BWarm Amber Massage Candle 52g

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    1. Product Description

      Melt into each other with the sensual scented B Swish massage candle. share the warmth. Made from the highest quality natural cosmetic-grade waxes and other plant extracts. Once liquefied, the candle transforms into a slowly absorbing, high-slip massage balm, that nourishes and hydrates the skin.

      The candle sits in a silicone holder with a raised side-spout to pour the wax onto your lover. Wax play never felt so romantic as you melt away into the musky, unisex scent of amber with incense-like tones.

      Ingredients: coconut oil/wax, soy oil/wax, shea butter, palm wax, beeswax, jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin e oil and fragrance. Contents: 52g

      Approximate burn time: 10 hours

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      B Swish BWarm Amber Massage Candle 52g 1 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5 stars

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      1. B Swish BWarm Amber Massage Candle 52g
      2. WandA's review of B Swish BWarm Amber Massage Candle 52g

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    1. Pleasant, certainly not Am-ber-able (Sorry!)

      Reviewed: 18 July 2010 by WandA, a Straight Engaged Male

      As per usual super-speedy discreet postage. Less than 24 hours after my confirmation email this little baby was sitting in my hands!

      I opened my parcel to be greeted with a simple matte black box, it may not be all sparkly or shiny but it is presented in a box that would still make it a great gift idea. No tacky slogans or images that might put a potential lover off. Inside the box is a simple fold up 'carton' to hold the product and some instructions. Instructions are clear and succinct.

      On to the visual of the product. On the whole I love how this thing looks. Before I continue I would like to point out that the container this product comes in is *not* white as displayed, It comes in a curved 'pot' which has a terracotta look to it (I have alerted Lovehoney so this may no longer apply when you read this review). I really do like the modern style to it that also provides some very handy features I will describe later in the review.

      I do however have some reservations about this product, an issue I feel affects other B Swish products, is that there does appear to be some corners cutting during the manufacturing of this product. When the product arrived there was some 'paint splatter' like bits of wax oil inside and outside the product making it look untidy, these can be picked off easily but I don't really think that should be up to the consumer. Another quality issue is that the silicone is not finished off as greatly as it could have been, the edge is quite rough and not finished smoothly. Of course none of these issues are major and I admit they are quite picky however B Swish seems to be aiming at the luxury market and to be a luxury product it should not just imitate luxury and quality it should actually be it and so these little details count.

      I shall now discuss the 'pot'. This simple component was spot on in my opinion. It is a rubberised silicone so has a lovely silky feel. I think silicone provides some excellent properties to make the pot with and I shall explain why. I initially had reservations wondering if silicone would be heat resistant enough for use with the candle given the prolonged burning time. Have no fear, silicone can survive temperatures over 350C and in testing it managed to not burn even in another candles direct flame. The size and shape of this container are spot on. The pot contains too small nodules on it's side that makes holding it between the thumb and finger really comfortable while the pot can fit in the entire hand without feeling clumsy, it is a stylish ergonomic design. Another feature of the container is the two different sitting positions, on it's base and on it's side. This means it has a side ideal for burning as a candle and another for when being used in play. Both bases are stable with the base being more so, it easily stand up to 20 degrees without toppling over making it very safe.

      Perhaps the only thing I would have done to improve the container would be to make it more translucent so it looks nicer with the light shining through, it barely lets any light through with a 100w bulb slightly shining through and a 5mW laser barely noticeable from the other side. This is a very minor point and more a suggestion of how to improve the product, I do also think I will use the pot for some future purpose, even if it is with another massage oil.

      On to the candle! The candle looks fairly small and is only 52g but should apparently burn for 10 hours. I however think you are likely to get more burn time from this product, it is worth bearing in mind that you may get less if you keep siphoning off the oil for massages! Even though it is a small size I do think it will last quite a long time. The flame does not burn too big. This product turned in to some form of science project for me, I performed another experiment on this product! At 20C it took 54mins for the whole top to become a wax puddle touching the sides, I do however believe there was enough wax after 15-20mins. This isn't not a quick product given these times and a massage should be planned in advance or it should be utilised during long sessions of play for some added sensuality. I found the waxy oil last approximately 5mins once the flame is blown out, before it began to solidify, this however is not really an issue as at any time some 'wax' can be taken and rubbed between the hands to melt it and used as normally.

      Now the most important part of a candle review? The smell? Well, hard to describe! The best description I can offer is to throw random words that have popped in to my head at various sniffs... musk, zesty, wood, incense, vanilla and jasmine, it really is hard to describe but rather recognisable in a way... Anyway, it fills a room quite nicely and is not as over powering as smelling the candle directly. I do however think this candle smells really lovely on skin, many of the softer fragrances come through and provide a really sensual smell.

      In use. Of course this is best used with a partner, although I see no reason to not use it as a normal candle I think it would be best to make use of the special 'oil wax'. One problem with any candle that this also suffers from is that blowing it out results in that horrible smoky smell, try to snuff it out instead. Unsurprisingly the oil from the candle is well, oily. It doesn't feel great on the hands but it does reduce friction for a massage and makes skin much easier to glide over with a glossy feel. As a side note it really would be nice to see that the oils in the products are sustainably produced, beyond being natural. No mention is made on the source of the ingredients.

      Back to being in use... simply a few finals points I think are worth mentioning, being an oil based product it is probably not a great idea to use this massage candle as a lube or on condoms. It is likely to damage the latex in condoms and upset the natural balance of a woman's vagina.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The stylish ergonomic container. Size. Smell. Sensuality. Long burning time. Concept.
      Some minor corner cutting. Feels slightly oily. No mention of ingredient sources.
      Bottom line
      A sensual experience that hits the target but not the bullseye.
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