1. Lunar Lunacy's review of Ki-Wi Light-Up Silicone Luxury Vibrator

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      1. Ki-Wi Light-Up Silicone Luxury Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      This uniquely shaped vibrator is packed with fantastic functions that will make you squeal, moan and shudder with delight! The light-up tip guides the way and the quiet-yet-powerful vibrations can be guided to any area, thanks to the ergonomic design.

      The Ki-Wi is a body-friendly vibrator with a difference - its entire build, design and function is for the purpose of pleasure!

      There's no unnecessary buttons or switches, no clunky base, no annoying hard-to-grip twist dial - just pure, simple sex toy.

      The unusual yet ergonomic shape means that it's easy to hold and even easier to use.

      Just rest the Ki-Wi against the curve of your body and let the vibrations do the rest or, for a more intense experience, place the flat base in the palm of your hand and let your fingers spread around the body, giving you a firm grip and the option of pinpoint pleasure!

      Located on the base, in contrasting black, are two buttons - these adjust the speed and function of vibration.

      Choose from three speeds of vibration, numerous pulses, a series of swells and a clever mixed function.

      If you like it light and teasing, use just the tip on your erogenous zones for the most tingling of experiences.

      If you prefer it hard and fast, press the firm silicone body against your clitoris to enjoy strong vibrations which appear to radiate all over!

      The tip of the Ki-Wi even lights up in glowing purple, to help you find your way in the dark!

      You can also swap the direction of the tip around, allowing for one of the most customisable orgasm experiences ever.

      It's even splashproof for use in the shower!

      A beautifully designed sex toy in a gorgeous gift box - a sure-fire hit with couples and singles alike.

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      1. Ki-Wi Light-Up Silicone Luxury Vibrator
      2. Lunar Lunacy's review of Ki-Wi Light-Up Silicone Luxury Vibrator

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    1. Ki-Wi-licious!

      Reviewed: 19 August 2009 by Lunar Lunacy, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was a little apprehensive to buy the Ki-Wi at first, but I hadn't seen a vibrator like it before so I just had to get it!

      The Ki-Wi is made from silicone and ABS plastic. The tip area is the silicone part and the rest is the plastic. The silicone part is a little see-through and the bottom part of it says Ki-Wi on it. There are two ridges on the side of the tip. They don't go all the way up to the tip, but close. They're like if someone took the silicone and pinched it with their finger, if that makes sense.

      The plastic part is where the controls are and twisting the middle will open where the batteries go in. The Ki-Wi takes two AA batteries. At first, twisting it open was difficult for me as I already had lubed up fingers, but it is very simple to open and close. The vibe can stand up on its own due to a flat base at the bottom.

      An instruction leaflet shows how to open and close the vibrator and also strangely says 'For novelty use only', which had me a little worried, but it's no big deal. It doesn't mention the benefits of silicone anywhere or how to care for it, so as a reminder: DO NOT USE SILICONE LUBRICANT WITH A SILICONE PRODUCT. It will ruin it.

      Silicone should never touch silicone in general as it will ruin both objects. So if you use the Ki-Wi in conjunction with another vibrator or dildo, make sure it is not silicone or that it doesn't touch the silicone part of the Ki-Wi.

      The Ki-Wi's box is quite nice, closes by magnets and the Ki-Wi rests on a little bed of material. If you take the material out, you can see that it covers a cheap plastic tray (a bit like the ones strawberries come in) that is shaped a little like the Ki-Wi, except it has a box at the tip area. This lets the Ki-Wi sit comfortably in the box while keeping its shape.

      The Ki-Wi has 10 functions: 3 of them are just regular vibrations that are low, medium and high. The other 7 are pulses. Someone stole my batteries so I can't explain the pulses in detail, but from what I can remember they're exquisite. The tip of the Ki-Wi also lights up a bright sort of neon pink.

      The Ki-Wi has 2 simple buttons. Pressing the top one turns the Ki-Wi on and basically the top one acts as a forward button and the bottom one as a back button. When you first turn it on, if you press the bottom button you can jump straight to the last pulsation setting. Pressing the buttons makes a little click noise so you know you've pressed it.

      Okay... on to the Ki-Wi in use. In the dark the light is very useful so I can see what I'm doing. With the light on though, the light is definitely pointless. I don't like pink, but the light didn't bother me much and I actually really love it as a feature. When I'm using other vibrators I find myself reaching for the Ki-Wi to give me some light when I'm 'playing' in the dark.

      Placing the Ki-Wi against my clitoris feels nice on either of the first 3 settings, but I prefer the pulsations. Especially, I think, the fourth or fifth one. It's like a long buzz then a break, over and over again. It feels a bit like an alarm clock, I guess.

      The Ki-Wi is relatively quiet and it fits well in my hand and sort of curves to the body. Using the ridges on my clit felt especially nice. The tip of the Ki-Wi was a little pointy though on the rest of my body, as was using the ridges. Putting the tip directly on to my clit was a little too strong for me, so I stuck to using the ridges or further. The vibrations get stronger as you get to the tip.

      I did not orgasm from using the Ki-Wi, but that is because I do not orgasm easily, so it isn't because of the Ki-Wi itself. It got me close, but not quite there. Again, this is most likely because of my own body and not indicative of how strong or effective the vibrations of the Ki-Wi are.

      I think if you prefer mid to slightly high vibration and direct or pinpoint stimulation then this might be the vibe for you. However, if you prefer slightly weaker of mid range vibration and less pinpoint stimulation, I would recommend the Lelo Mia, because it is rechargeable (through USB), more discreet and cheaper than the Ki-Wi.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Ergonomically designed, pulses and vibrations are amazing, the light is useful in the dark
      Tip can be a little too pointy, a bit pricey when compared to others
      Bottom line
      A very good vibrator if you know what you like. Well designed and stylish
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