1. Ophoria Textured Silicone Kegel Balls

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      1. Ophoria Textured Silicone Kegel Balls

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    1. Product Description

      Ben Wa Balls - but much more stimulating! Top sex toy designers Ophoria have combined a simple kegel exerciser with a tactile texture that looks and feels fabulous! Wear them all day then experience intense orgasms in the evening!

      Kegel balls not only provide subtle stimulation, they also exercise the pelvic floor muscles for better sex and incredible orgasms.

      Lined with smooth ribbing and weighted with internal balls, they silently stimulate you for hours and hours.

      The thick join in the middle helps to keep your K-balls exactly where you want them and the silicone coated string makes pulling them out easy.

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      Ophoria Textured Silicone Kegel Balls 6 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars

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      1. Ophoria Textured Silicone Kegel Balls
      2. Ophoria Textured Silicone Kegel Balls

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    1. Jiggle jiggle

      Reviewed: 06 January 2011 by ellyyy, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I bought this product at the end of last month and I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon! The first time I came across Kegel balls was in some adult shop back home, however they weren't to my satisfaction. A couple of months later, I decided to have a look into these balls again and I stumbled across these! It instantly caught my eye because of its unique texture. I also quite liked the pastel colours it comes in, it's soft for the eyes. After looking at different balls and debating with myself which to get, I finally chose to go with these, I even sent my man some pictures to see which one he liked best(he wasn't very helpful though, he said he liked all four colours! Maybe I should get all four of them...!)

      I ordered the blue one in the end, it was the first that took my eye, the colours not so girly and I didn't yet have a blue toy - it was something different. I hastily opened up the discreet packaging to find a small sophisticated box with my new toy looking at me as if it were to say, "I'm all yours!"

      Taking them out of the box, they were more sturdy than I expected and the "jiggles" inside were also a pleasant surprise! I shook them a little and smiled to myself, took out some lube, dropped my panties and decided to give them a whirl. As long as you relax, they're very easy to slip in and the texture feels fabulous! As I walked around my room, I instantly felt them jiggle. It's such a lush feeling! They're practically silent too, so they're very discreet.

      I sat down on my bed and wiggled my hips a little and they jiggled around inside. It's like a... what's the word... it's a jiggly feeling, there's no other word to describe it! They also made my journey to the library and into shop for a spot of shopping a very very very lovely experience. I was more inclined to sway my hips a little more just so I could get extra feeling from them! I remember being in the shopping centre. Walking. Walking. Walking. And then I stopped because there were people in front of me walking quite slow, so that lush jiggly feeling stopped. I got really confused. Like, "Hmmm... where did it go??" kind of thing? I had forgotten they were in and I realised they only moved when I moved! That was a random, but nice little giggle I had to myself. At the end of the day, I took them out. The string made it easy to pull out and again, the texture made pulling them out just as pleasurable as putting them in!

      I am also a believer in PC exercises - personally I like to call them "kitty-cises" and I always make sure I do my regular set of these when my jiggle balls are inside me. Kitty-cises do work ladies, I assure you, my man likes me tight and strong and that's just what they help with - he loves it! When I showed him the balls, he was intrigued by them too. A happy kind of intrigued and he thought they looked "cool". He had a shake too. They kind of look like maracas!

      As well as kitty-cises, these are also pleasurable to have inside when your having some lonely fun time. When your man or woman isn't around, pop these in and let your fingers do the rest. Send yourself over into that special place we all know and love and will never get tired of and it makes it that little bit more intense! It might not always be your best mind-blowing orgasms, but you can definitely feel them - the pulses feel strong and by having these balls in to squeeze against, your kitten gets a really good work out too!

      As for keeping it clean, it couldn't be easier. My last experience with my previous balls left them sticky and the material kind of melted? But with these, all you need is some soapy warm water, give them a rinse, air dry or towel dry and they're good to go again and again and again.

      I'll share another little story with you as I'm here, my man lives about a half-hour train from where I live and one day I decided to go and wake up him. As I get myself ready, I make sure I don't forget to have my jiggle balls at the ready. I felt horny waking up and I wanted him to know! I entered him room and gave him a kiss, all sleepy eyed he smiled. As I stripped down to nothing, I climbed into bed next to him. My my my it felt good. Hot skin against cold skin gets us every time! As our hands wandered, his hands found their way between my legs and found my "tail" and he smiled. Instantly turned on, we had a very very very good start to the day. And it lasted the whole weekend!

      I think the only thing I'd like now is just a little velvety pouch or drawstring bag, just to keep it in. I've kept the plastic box to keep it separate from my other toys, it works, but it's not as sophisticated looking as the toy itself. A cute pouch wouldn't go a miss, but it's no biggie. There are no cons to this toy, it fits perfectly. It pleases and it tones. And it makes me sway my hips - swaying hips are sexy last time I checked!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      I like, no, love everything about them. They're perfect!
      What's not to like?
      Bottom line
      Perfect in every way!
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    1. The postman only had to ring once

      Reviewed: 08 September 2010 by dewcy

      The Ophoria Silicone K-balls (along with a few other goodies) was the second order I placed with Lovehoney, and once again the package arrived super-fast (within 2 days). Thank you, Lovehoney.

      No sooner had the doorbell rang I was at the foot of the stairs, ready to greet the postman with my anticipated package. A moment later I was straight back upstairs, eagerly pulling open the package to reveal my new jingly balls.

      I'd been out for a run earlier and bought some Durex Play O on the way back, as I'd been reading reviews about it on here, and read how amazing the stuff is supposed to be. (I have a week off work, so I'm feeling nicely chilled and a bit naughty at the moment).

      I was already excited at the prospect of using the Play O when my package from Lovehoney arrived, (what a double treat for me!) so was already a tad turned on. I popped in the Silicone K-balls and decided to do some hoovering to see how they'd feel whilst moving around. I could feel them inside me but it didn't feel like I had to make any effort to keep them in - they weren't going anywhere. Now and then I did experience a feeling of mild arousal whilst using them, (though I wasn't wearing them for long) which made hoovering a very pleasant experience.

      In a very short time I was extremely wet - a combination of using the balls and my excitement of what was to come, I think (though I reckon more so the balls).

      I've not had them long enough to know whether they will tighten my pelvic floor muscles, but I will definitely have fun trying them out. And going by the reviews I've read on here for the Ophoria Textured Silicone K-balls, they've so far lived up to their reputation. I love them!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The textured feel. The price. The nice feeling you get whilst wearing them.
      Bottom line
      A great price, a great feeling... naughty but very nice! I recommend.
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    1. Taking the stairs has never been so much fun!

      Reviewed: 14 April 2010 by Happy Romper, a Bisexual Married Female

      The box and the product look very appealing and are of top quality. They do not make an audible sound in my bag so are great for on-the-go naughtiness. I had a small sachet of lube and inserted it in a department store's toilet. It was slightly uncomfortable until I repositioned it and I felt that wonderful full feeling that you get from having having someone inside you. I felt whole and incredibly naughty. I wiggled my hips to see what the inner balls would feel like and I got a really good tingle. It felt like I was being rewarded for walking and I found that I was walking with a good posture and that swinging my hips felt even better. I felt incredibly sexy and naughty, even in my jeans and t-shirt. Walking down the stairs was quite exhilarating, as the balls bang together and rattle in a really pleasurable way.

      The quicker you walk, the better the feeling. I have been on a weight loss drive recently and this is just what I was looking for to make exercise fun. I've found that I've been walking quicker and feeling great. I can feel it working my Kegel muscles and my lower stomach muscles. It is slightly uncomfortable when sitting down, so I don't recommend sitting for very long unless you can just perch on the edge of your seat. It's quite difficult actually bending yourself to sit down, as you almost have to fall back into a seat. I didn't orgasm with it in but felt on the edge of one whilst it was in, and I was really randy. When I came to remove it I found that I was so wet that my pants were soaked through and it was easily removed! My fiancé was able to come straight in. Which was amazing! It is a really good toy to draw out the excitement and build up to a great session.

      I have been told that it's good to sleep with it in. Because of the naughtiness you can have quite vivid dreams and be really wet and ready for entry straight away. I haven't tried this yet but I'm really excited to. It also has a coated string for easy cleaning and doesn't get stained like other, uncoated, love eggs.

      Remember to use a water-based lube only, so that you don't wreck it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The quality, the packaging, the coated string, the shape, the feeling!
      A slight discomfort inserting. Uncomfortable when sitting.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic. A great inspiration for exercising – but don't sit down.
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