1. Pinky & Perky's review of Black Lace - In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa

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      1. Black Lace - In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa

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    1. Product Description

      Librarian Gwendolynne Price finds indecent proposals in her work's suggestion box, and is shocked to find that they are tailored to her deepest erotic fantasies. She begins a relationship with her correspondent, entering into a dark, erotic romance.

      But pretty soon the erotic letters and tantalising emails simply aren't enough. It becomes clear that she can no longer admire from afar, and will have to meet her mysterious lover in the flesh and discover what lies next in her erotic journey.

      In Too Deep is a dark and sensual romance to fuel your fantasies, as featured in Tracey Cox's what-to-read next steamy reading list.

      Featured in the Sunday Times Fiction best-seller list.

    1. Essential info

      • Author: Portia Da Costa
      • Format: Paperback
      • Publisher: Black Lace

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    Customer Reviews

    Black Lace - In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa 10 out of 10 10 out of 10 (19 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. Very horny story

      Reviewed: 18 October 2009 by Pinky & Perky, a Straight Engaged Female

      The story begins by wasting no time and launching straight into the reading of a raunchy letter written by a secret admirer. The public library where Gwendolynne works adds to the deliciously ‘naughty’ feeling of the circumstances that begins here and is maintained throughout the story.

      The result is an interesting ‘ménage a trois’ as Gwendolynne, corresponding via instant messaging on her laptop at home, describes her encounters to the reader.

      As the ‘game’ intensifies, the reader is privy to Gwendolynne’s increasingly aroused physical and mental state both ‘home alone’ and in her increasingly wanton behaviour at work. 'Forfeits’ imposed in their game and her developing relationship with Daniel, lead to Gwendolynne and Daniel indulging in some ‘game playing’ of their own as the sexual tension continues to build.

      This novel explores the effect of psychological domination and teasing in a delightfully horny tale. Once again Portia manages to maintain the sexual subtext whilst at the same time telling a real story, which plunges into frequent highly erotic and deeply arousing scenes, yet also keeps the reader interested in the eventual outcome of the story as a whole.

      I find Portia da Costa is magnificently skilful in her description of mounting sexual arousal. She uses a delightful range of vocabulary both subtle and direct and is expert at depicting a realistic build up which in turn, has an immediate effect on me as a reader every time.

      As to the novel’s effect on me personally and practically speaking; on this occasion after a particularly tiring week, I chose to take this book to bed early on a Saturday afternoon whilst my partner ‘Perky’ indulged himself downstairs with the weekly football results. My plan was to read for a while and perhaps have a nap once my eyes began to tire.

      As the story unfolded, I got very horny very quickly and the ‘nap’ never happened! Denying myself any relief as it seemed a little selfish given that my other half was downstairs, I persevered until eventually I had to ‘call for assistance’ in the shape of a cracking knee-trembler courtesy of ‘Perky’, my obliging and wonderfully considerate other half.

      It turns out that whilst he loves his football, the idea of his beloved (that’s me!) reading raunchy books and getting all hot and bothered upstairs is a far bigger pull than the weekly match replays!

      In my excitement I was fortunate to experience multiple orgasms during our ‘knee-trembler’, although I have to confess, once ‘Perky’ had re-established himself downstairs on the sofa and I continued to read, I did have to engage in a little ‘personal’ relief twice more in my determination to finish the story before tea-time!

      Perky and I went out for a meal in the end as I was too knackered to cook. We spent an entertaining hour and a half giggling over our food in the local Indian restaurant, discussing the novel and planning our own ‘games’ for indulgence in the future.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      10 out of 10
      Sex Tips:
      10 out of 10
      Sex Scenes:
      10 out of 10
      10 out of 10
      Highly erotic and deeply arousing scenes, keeping the reader interested throughout.
      Bottom line
      In my excitement I was fortunate to experience multiple orgasms. Top marks!
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