• I would like to try a strap-on with my partner. Have you got any tips and recommendations?

    You’re in good company! Strap-ons are becoming increasingly popular with more couples looking to add an extra dimension to their sex lives.

    Get a free Tracey Cox Vibe worth £14.99 in April

    Give your sexy shopping a boost in April - get a free vibrator worth £14.99 from Tracey Cox when you spend £30 on her exclusive range of toys, lubes and books at Lovehoney.

    And here's a top tip! If you buy her new book, supersex for life, you get a free Vibrating Love Egg worth £12.99. Add another toy from her range worth more than £15 and you're guaranteed four great Tracey products for the price of two.

    Check out the exclusive Tracey Cox range.

    My girlfriend is thinking about having her clit pierced - are there any health risks?

    If your girlfriend wants to avoid the risk of losing clitoral sensation she should consider having her clitoral hood pierced, rather than the clitoris itself.

    The Strap-On Remote Control Butterfly Obsession Vibrator The Strap-On Remote Control Butterfly Obsession Vibrator

    The Professor presents one of his favourite and best selling Butterfly style Strap-On Vibrators

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    Remote Control Pink Love Egg VibratorRemote Control Pink Love Egg Vibrator

    One of our best selling remote control vibrating love eggs and the Professor has got his hands on it!

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    The start of April closes the first quarter of this year and it's time to look at our UK Sex Map to find out how the forecast is looking with summer just around the corner.

    Upminster have been at the top of our Sexiest Towns List since our UK Sex Map went live, but at the close of March 2010 we have a new Sexiest Town spending a cumulative 6.6 times the national average overall on their sex lives!

    Poll Results - Sexless Love vs Loveless Sex

    We recently ran a poll asking you if you would prefer to have sex without love, love without sex or if it just won't do without both.

    We've reviewed your votes and can reveal that when it comes to matters of the body and heart, Lovehoney's customers are equally divided.

    My vagina has an unpleasant odour I can't get rid of. What can I do?

    The natural acidity of your vagina seems to be off balance, so first and foremost see your GP for a prescription to get things back to normal.

    When preparing for a sophisticated and sexy night in, every accessory and accoutrement plays its part. When you’ve pulled out all of the stops to set a scene, you need to ensure that your object d’armor doesn’t bring the tone of your evening down.

    Thankfully Booty Parlor have the answer to all of your high end needs with their range of elegant yet functional oils, lotions, cosmetics and toys. Championed by the likes of Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba, Booty Parlor has established itself as a real contender in the Couture Boudoir market.

    If you thought Easter was all about religion, bunnies and chocolate eggs you couldn't have been more wrong. This Easter The Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green is hosting The London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage.

    The four day event boasts an impressive range of contributors and performers including Esinem, Mistress Amrita and the amazing Kinoko Hajime who will be running classes and demos throughout.

    The Sex-Toy Blend Test Returns! The Sex-Toy Blend Test Returns!

    The Professor is back in the stunning return of The Sex-Toy Blend Test complete with slow motion mayhem and snazzy graphics to boot!

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    Attention all you clubbers out there!!!Attention all you clubbers out there!!!

    Yes the Professor is busting out some Fresh moves to bring you the latest in clubbing accessories! - The Club Vibe from Oh My Bod.

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