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    Black Level PVC Mini Dress with SuspendersPVC is polyvinylchloride, a thermoplastic polymer that is used to coat fabric to create a shiny, waterproof surface. It has become a common fetishwear fabric in recent years as a cheap alternative to patent leather. Another term for PVC is vinyl, which is more commonly used to describe the fabric in the USA.

    PVC was created as a synthetic alternative to leather, possessing similar qualities and characteristics but without the difficult requirements for care. PVC is an easy way to experiment with a fetish look, but is equally suited to an existing fetishwear collection for when you want something less high maintenance. Not skin tight like rubber or latex, PVC is flattering and easy to wear while cavorting in the bedroom or club.

    Why choose PVC?

    • Doesn’t require shining like latex fabric, maintaining a shiny surface without any additional assistance.
    • Traps heat, allowing you to stay warm even when wearing tiny outfits.
    • Water resistant and can be wiped clean.
    • Easier to care for than both latex and leather as it is a synthetic fabric that doesn’t require nurturing.

    Another great thing about PVC is you can mix and match it to create an individual look. Check out our most popular PVC garments for inspiration.

    1. Black Level Fishnet and PVC Corset Mini Dress - £29.99

    Black Level Fishnet and PVC Corset Mini DressWhat makes this great fetishwear?

    Not actually a corset or a dress, but in a long-line corset style with lace-up panels. This tiny dress is ideal for bedroom dress-up. The overtly sexual nature of the styling lends itself to experimental lovers who are body confident and looking to try something a little spicier between the sheets.

    Why this mini dress?

    • It’s incredibly short and bottom-skimming
    • It has lace-up panels for self tailoring
    • It’s incredibly sexual

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    2. Black Level Fishnet and PVC Mini Dress - £18.99

    Allure XOXO Fishnet and PVC BodyWhat makes this great fetishwear?

    This sexy PVC monokini features sheer fishnet panels. Designed to flash the flesh, this body guarantees attention in droves. Teaming the shiny seductiveness of PVC with the sex appeal of fishnet, this slinky number is sure to delight. Pair with fishnet hold-ups and a pair of sky-high heels for a complete seduction set.

    Why this body?

    • Revealing and flatters your figure
    • It has two fetish fabrics in one garment

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    3. Black Level Mini Lace-Up PVC Mini Dress - £25.00

    Black Level PVC Lace-Up Mini DressWhat makes this great fetishwear?

    One for sexual submissives or those who like to tease, this dress has a plunging back that reveals the rarest tool of titillation - the bottom cleavage. You wouldn’t get away with wearing this dress down your local, but it would make a great piece for fetish clubs where flashing the flesh is encouraged.

    Why this dress?

    • Reveals bottom cleavage
    • Unusual design that stands out

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    4. Black Level PVC 6 Strap Suspender Belt - £14.99

    Black Level PVC 6 Strap Suspender BeltWhat makes this great fetishwear?

    A lingerie essential, this suspender belt has been crafted from PVC to complement all PVC lingerie sets. Instead of the usual four straps, it has 6 suspenders to give a vintage-style look that appeals to fans of retro chic (and does a better job when it comes to holding seams straight). Team this with PVC bra sets and PVC-topped stockings to create a complete sexy lingerie look.

    Why this suspender belt?

    • 6 straps are better at holding back seams straight than 4
    • Matches PVC bra sets perfectly

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    5. Black Level PVC Corset with Suspenders - £30.00

    Black Level PVC Corset with SuspendersWhat makes this great fetishwear?

    A beautiful bustier with padded hips and specially-shaped bust to really enhance that hourglass shape without metal boning and tight lacing. This bustier fits closely to your curves and uses clever lines to create the illusion of a slimmer you, all in lovely wet-look PVC. It comes with a G-string and removable suspenders for a lingerie look, but this corset looks just as good as part of a costume or club wear ensemble.

    Why this corset?

    • Slims the figure
    • Boosts the bust
    • A complete lingerie look, just add stockings

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