• Après l'utilisation d'un Simulateur de sexe oral Sqweel 2 par Lovehoney, il est important de le rincer abondamment pour le garder dans un état comme neuf pour sa prochaine utilisation. Heureusement, il n'est pas seulement facile à utiliser, il est également très facile à nettoyer !

    Le latex étant une matière naturelle et biodégradable il est extrêmement sensible aux huiles, notamment les sécrétions naturelles de votre peau. Les articles en latex peuvent être chers et sont des objets auxquels on s'attache. Mais si vous ne prenez pas quelques précautions en les nettoyant et en les rangeant, la prochaine fois que vous voudrez porter votre vêtement en latex préféré, il se sera totalement désintégré.

    Pourtant, il est très facile de conserver votre latex dans un état neuf pour le porter encore et encore. Il vous suffit de laver et d'entreposer votre latex correctement. Ce guide explique précisément la marche à suivre pour prolonger la durée de vie de votre vêtement préféré.

    Si l'idée que votre partenaire tombe sur votre vibromasseur rabbit en ouvrant le tiroir de votre table de chevet vous donne des sueurs froides, lisez la suite pour découvrir pourquoi il n'a jamais été aussi facile d'introduire les jouets sexuels dans votre couple...

    Les jouets intimes et les couples ne sont pas forcément antagonistes. Bien au contraire, de nombreuses personnes nous ont indiqué à quel point les sex toys ont considérablement amélioré leur relation et leur vie sexuelle.

    Nous avons regroupé ici les meilleurs conseils pour aborder le sujet des jouets sexuels avec votre partenaire, que vous soyez un utilisateur de sex toys débutant et timide ou un amateur de bondage sûr de vous.

    If you're looking for hands-free fun without the need for a harness, Feeldoe is the strapless strap-on for your next adventures. Offering all the pleasure of strap-ons without any straps, buckles, or snaps to slow you down.

    Self-made sexpert Mia created the Feeldoe in Florida back in 2002, although the project had been in development since the 1980s. With her background in research and development of mechanical equipment, machinery design and chemical material processing, Mia was able to invent this useful and innovative couples sex toy. After years of committed research (and a patient partner helping her test the prototypes!) Mia's masterpiece came to life: Feeldoe.

    After researching the best quality materials available and securing several patents she teamed up with Tantus Inc, an industry leader providing pure silicone sex toys, to get the job done in more ways than one! Learn more and find out which Feeldoe or Realdoe is right for you:

    Ressemblant à une lampe-torche (ou « flashlight » en anglais, d'où leur nom) un masturbateur Fleshlight est un sex toy haut de gamme pour homme qui sublime la masturbation ou ajoute une dimension nouvelle aux préliminaires pour les couples. À l'intérieur de la gaine se trouve une enveloppe douce et extensible, réalisée en matériau extrêmement réaliste qui simule les sensations intenses et uniques de l'acte sexuel.

    Si vous n'aviez jamais envisagé d'utiliser un sex toy pour homme pour agrémenter vos jeux solitaires, vous constaterez que les masturbateurs Fleshlight révolutionnent votre expérience. Ce guide va vous aider à trouver le masturbateur Fleshlight qui vous convient le mieux. Chacun d'entre eux offre quelque chose de différent.

    Down the Rabbit Hole...

    The world's biggest study of sex toy sales has been published. Researcher Jon Millward analysed one million sales at sex toy firm Lovehoney over a five month period "to shed light on people's sex lives in a way that's never been done before."

    His findings shatter the myth that most sex toys are bought by young, single women - in fact, sales were split evenly between the sexes, and 75% of female purchasers were in a relationship and an even higher 79% of male purchasers were attached.

    Millward, known as the Ideas Detective, specialises in finding funny quirky data and inventive ways to help people picture the data.

    Data came from the UK's biggest online sex toy retailer, Lovehoney.co.uk, and is quirkily named, 'Down The Rabbit Hole: What One Million Sex Toy Sales Reveal About Our Erotic Tastes, Kinks and Desires'.

    Click here to read the full study by Jon Millward.

    Sexpression UK and Lovehoney

    The UK’s biggest online sex toy retailer, Lovehoney.co.uk, has teamed up with sex education charity Sexpression to make sex education more accessible to young people in Britain.

    Sexpression is a national organisation with 27 branches across the UK, whose goal is to create ‘a society in which young people are able to access reliable information about relationships, sex and sexuality’.

    Lovehoney, also known as the Sexual Happiness People, sets aside a percentage of profits every year to support sex-positive charities, and first became involved with Sexpression in March this year.

    The sex toy retailer has helped both the Exeter and King’s College London branches of Sexpression, providing resources for volunteers and events. Lovehoney has also donated £1,000 towards the charity’s National Conference, held in Leicester on November 1st and 2nd.

    The most complicated part of enjoying strap-on sex is making sure you get your hands on the right equipment, and ensuring the harness and dildo you own are compatible with one another. In addition, if your tastes change, and you fancy trying a larger or smaller attachment, the process of making sure the girth of your toy fits the harness you have can be a bit of a nightmare!

    To solve this issue, Doc Johnson came up with an ingenious strap-on system. Vac-U-Lock is the world's first fully interchangeable pleasure system which enables you to enjoy strap on sex, without worrying about O-rings, flared bases and appendage girths. All you need to do is check whether the toy is Vac-U-Lock friendly, and you're good to go!

    Here at Lovehoney, we think everyone should be able to enjoy a pleasurable, fun and safe sex life. That's why we were happy to donate 1,000 condoms to raTrust, an organisation working to make HIV/AIDS a thing of the past. They staged an event in Bournemouth this past weekend and made this incredible video - check it out below:

    Violet Blue Interview

    Want to know how to talk to your partner about the secret fantasies you're just aching to experiment with, or indulge in role play without feeling embarrassed about it... Or even have great sex in public? Well, you're in luck!

    Violet Blue - renowned editor, author and authority on all things sex - has all the answers, and you can find them all in her fabulous new book. The Ultimate Guide To Sexual Fantasy (£10.99) guides you through safely turning your fantasy into a reality, including threesomes, outdoor sex and stripping.

    What's more, we have a copy of Violet's brand new book to give away to one lucky winner. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to enter via the form at the bottom of this blog post. It's oh-so-easy and only takes a moment! Fans of Lovehoney on Facebook and Twitter even get extra entries.

    Ahead of her much-anticipated book tour, here at Lovehoney we've been lucky enough to catch up with Violet Blue on her career so far, non-judgmental writing, what makes great erotica and how to achieve sexual happiness. We're listening...

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