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    Thanks to Sarah, Mel's all set for her 2010 hen night!

    When's the right time to start planning your hen night? OK, so that's a trick question - the answer is it's up to you! One thing's for sure though, it's never to early (or too late) to start using HenNightHQ.

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    Our final winner in the HenNightHQ hen night draw is Sarah, who's already starting planning for her friend Mel's hen night (that's Mel on the right of the pic, busy being bridesmaid for Sarah) - even though it's not taking place until 2010!

    With her prize of £100 of hen night novelties from Hen Night HQ, her early bird approach has paid off already.

    "This will come in so handy for Mel's Hen Weekend - thank you so much!" says Sarah. "I set the free Hen Night Planner up so that whenever there's any new info on the hen weekend then I can just add it there and everyone can keep up to date with what's going on. It's going to be a great weekend! Thanks again!"

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    Benidorm Belle - Julie's in for a hot hen night!

    It may be mid-winter, but our second place winner Nicola is busy planning a scorching hen night for her mum Julie (pictured) in beautiful Benidorm! As well as fine sun, sea and...ahem, sangria (!) we're sure that Nicola's prize of £150 of hen night novelties from Hen Night HQ and £150 of goodies from Lovehoney will make the big event even hotter!

    "This is fantastic news," says Nicola. "Now that Christmas is out of the way we are forging full steam ahead with hen night preparations and the goodies will certainly help us to have a wonderful time in Benidorm."

    Whether your hen night is in Bognor or Benidorm, you can still make it a winner with the free Hen Night HQ Hen Night Planner!

    Lisa is in for a hen night surprise!

    The lovely Lisa is in for a fabulous hen night surprise thanks to her best friend Aimee! As well as planning a secret hen night for Lisa (pictured), Aimee's also the final winner of our Hen Night Draw !

    Aimee's prize of £300 cash, £150 of hen night novelties from Hen Night HQ and £150 of sexy treats from Lovehoney.co.uk is sure to make the big night a surprise even Cilla would be proud of!

    "I can't believe I've won such a fabulous prize," says Aimee. "I have never won anything, so this is fantastic - especially as I'll be using it to make my best friend Lisa's surprise hen night really memorable!"

    "The Hen Night HQ Hen Night Planner is really great and I would be lost without it! It's so good to have everything from hen night ideas and suggestions, right through to a map of how to get to the venue - it's fantastic! Thanks guys!"

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    Nikki and Leanne set for Hen Night Merriment!

    Retro themed hen nights are so hot right now. Just ask our runner up Nikki, who's heading off to Butlins to give her best friend Leanne a 70s style send-off!

    As if that wasn't enough, Nikki's just won £100 of hen night novelties from Hen Night HQ to make this a real 'night to remember'!

    "I'm so pleased to have won all these hen night goodies, says Nikki (right in the photo - with bride-to-be Leanne on the left.), and even more excited about our Classic 70's weekend now! Winning such a great prize has made the whole weekend even more special for everyone involved."

    Nikki is seriously over the moon about her forthcoming role as bridesmaid to Leanne. As she explains: "I'm so proud about being bridesmaid for my bestest friend in the world, and to give her a great send off to married life is my main aim. Winning all these props has made all that possible. Thanks Hen Night HQ!

    If you're planning a 70s night, why not treat yourself to this eyecatching Disco Bra - essential wear for any dancefloor diva!

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    Sabine clebrating her HenNightHQ win!

    The winner of our penultimate hen night draw is Sabine, who's planning an eighties style hen night - complete with roller disco and Fame theme - for her friend Fiona.

    The big event isn't happening until January 2009, but Sabine has already put the Hen Night HQ Hen Night Planner to good use, to keep everyone updated on the plans.

    "I'm really pleased to have won," says a very happy Sabine. "I have never won anything before!"

    Whether your hen night is next month or next year, don't forget to set up your free Hen Night Home Page.

    Natalie and Sam get stuck in!

    Our winner for September is the lovely Sam, who's busy planning a second hen night for her sister, Natalie (that's them playing around with those scrummy - and rather cheeky - looking eclairs! Sam's on the right, and the snap was taken on her hen night, which was arranged by Natalie!)

    "When organising Natalie's hen night, my main aim was to make it as fun and special as possible for her, as she is not just the best sister ever, she is my best friend," says Sam.

    "The Hen Night HQ Hen Night Planner has made the job of keeping in touch with everyone, and ensuring they are up to date and informed of everything they need to know, so much easier!"

    "I would recommend the planner to everyone, and I am looking forward to uploading photos from the night onto it to share with all the hens."

    Sam's even more chuffed with the Hen Night Planner, as it's netted her £300 cash, £150 of hen night novelties from Hen Night HQ and £150 of sexy treats from Lovehoney.co.uk.

    "When I found out I had won the competition, I was over the moon! The goodies will make the night extra special for Natalie and I will be using the money to buy us all some extra jugs of sangria! Thanks to everyone at HenNightHQ!"

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    Monica and Donna - Here Come The Girls!

    Planning a hen night for your best friend can either be the ultimate honour, or an absolute nightmare!

    As well as giving her a send off she'll never forget, you'll need to keep the plans within budget, get in touch with all the other hens, and show her just how much her friendship means to you.

    Monica D has managed to do all of that for her best mate Donna's hen night, by using the free Hen Night HQ Hen Night Planner. As a result she's been picked as the winner of this month's Hen Night Draw !

    "I was so happy when my best friend Donna told me she was getting married," says Monica. There was a lot of planning to do into 6 months, and arranging the hen do was something I'd been wanting to do for a long time."

    "When I found the Hen Night HQ Hen Night Planner, I was amazed how easy it is to set up a page. It's such a brilliant way of keeping the girls informed of the forthcoming plans."

    "Winning this competition has just made things whole lot easier and less of a worry. Now I can make sure the girls have an amazing night with all the goodies, pay for all the drinks, and get an even bigger present for the hen!"

    For your chance to be a winner, simply set up your Hen Night Home Page.

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