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  1. The Professor

    Neal Slateford - co-founder and director

    Exclusively appearing on Sex Toys TV, crazed sex toy scientist Professor Pleaseyourself beams his sex toy video despatches from a secret laboratory somewhere in the bowels of Wiltshire.

    The mad genius behind sex toy manufacturer Love Labs - motto "Better Sex Through Science" - The Professor is single-handedly (if you don't count his billion-dollar research organisation) responsible for hit sex toys like the unique Inch Perfect Vibrator.

    With a double-first in Vibronic Engineering and Sociosexography from the University of Pleaseyourself California, he is widely regarded by no-one as the world's leading authority on sex toy design.

    When he's not hunched over a Bunsen burner and bubbling test-tube in the laboratory, The Professor can usually be seen applying his in-depth knowledge of aerodynamics to model the flight of ping-pong balls in the less reputable bars of Bangkok.

    1. It's an ejaculating world record attempt!

      It's an ejaculating world record attempt!

      An ejaculating dildo, some homemade sperm, and a team of willing LoveHoney volunteers - what could go wrong?!