• Sex Toy Testing

    Every week we send free sex toys, lubricants and other tester products out for review. You get something free to keep, we get an honest review - everyone's a winner!

    This page is regularly updated and items are sent daily, so keep checking back and keep your wishlist up to date.

    Top tips for becoming a Sex Toy Tester

    • 1. Create a community account - if you already have a shopping account with us, setting up a community account couldn't be easier. Just follow the instructions next time you log in.
    • 2. Submit reviews of products that you already own from Lovehoney - you must have some reviews on your account before you will be considered as a tester.
    • 3. Make sure your address is correct at all times to ensure your product reaches you (and not someone else!). We won't check your address, so it's really important that you do.
    • 4. Title your wishlist 'Sex Toy Testers' and add toys from this page you would like to try. You must set the wishlist to be seen by 'Anyone who views my public profile' or we won't be able to see what you want. Make sure you keep it up to date with current products (and remove old ones) to increase your chances of being picked.

    What do I need to do?

    Click through these 4 easy steps to get yourself set up...

    1. sex toy testers create a profile
    2. sex toy tester write a review
    3. sex toy testers check address
    4. wishlist g4

    What happens next?

    If you are chosen to receive a review item from us, you will be sent an email and your product will follow in the post. You should write your review as soon as you've given it a good work out and within one month of receiving the item.

    In the mean time, why not join in our friendly forum, or read tips on how to write great sex toy reviews?

    Sex Toys

      • Magic Motion Eidolon Bluetooth G-Spot and Clitoral Knicker Vibrator
      • Magic Motion Eidolon Bluetooth G-Spot and Clitoral Knicker Vibrator

      • No more spandex and aerobics, the only workout you'll ever need is here - and it's a lot more fun! Magic Eidolon silently trains your pelvic floor muscles while pulsating against your g-spot and stimulating your clitoris. You needn't even lift a finger!
      • Our Price £69.99


      • Scandal Under-Mattress Bed Restraint Kit (3 Pieces)
      • Scandal Under-Mattress Bed Restraint Kit (3 Pieces)

      • If you're into full (and we mean full) submission, then this kit is for you. With an under-mattress restraint system to bind arms and legs, a breathable ball gag for muffling moans and a blindfold for sensory deprivation, all you need now is a safe word!
      • Our Price £49.99
      • DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Multipurpose Spanking Strap
      • DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Multipurpose Spanking Strap

      • If in doubt, get this spanking strap out. With a multitude of treats (and tricks) up its metaphorical sleeve, it's perfect for experienced BDSM-ers who love weighty spanks with ear-bending slaps. Doubles up as a position enhancer for deep penetration.
      • Our Price £29.99


      • Lovehoney Lingerie Large Gift Box
      • Lovehoney Lingerie Large Gift Box

      • Clothing can be a pain to wrap at the best of times, let alone silky or awkwardly shaped garments like underwire bras, bustiers with boning or satin robes. Avoid an aneurysm and pick up this large gift box which we've designed specifically for lingerie.
      • Our Price £4.99
      • Lovehoney Lingerie Small Gift Box
      • Lovehoney Lingerie Small Gift Box

      • Are you someone who struggles to gift wrap a DVD? Imagine the nightmare of wrapping lacy smalls with straps and fiddly bits too: a scary prospect indeed. Fear not! With a Lovehoney Lingerie gift box by your side, pressie prep has never been so easy!
      • Our Price £2.99