Touche The Dukes Silicone Kegel Balls

These 100% silicone kegel balls are designed to sexually stimulate as they tone the vaginal muscles. Insert the double or single balls and allow the internal weights to work your PC muscles toward a longer, more satisfying climax and tighter vaginal grip.

Kegel balls can be used wherever you choose and they are quiet and discreet. Simply insert either the single or the double balls and allow them to do all of the work. The internal weights move with you and encourage the vaginal muscles to tense around them, increasing muscle tone and vaginal elasticity.

Improved elasticity and tone translates into a better sexual experience for both you and your partner. Your tighter fit is sure to delight your partner and you can expect your orgasms become stronger and last for longer.

By wearing Kegel balls for just an hour a day, you can improve your PC muscles and your sex life. They also feel pretty nice to wear and it isn't unheard of for users to experience sporadic A and G-spot orgasms. Perhaps road test these at the gym or a pole dancing class?

This pack is perfect for both the experienced and new kegel trainee. The balls are housed in non-slip, stretchy silicone holders, which include a built-in removal device for easy use. The balls and holders are 100% waterproof and have been ergonomically designed for easy insertion, wear and removal.

Four Kegel balls are supplied with two silicone covers. One cover will hold two Kegel balls whereas the other holds a singular ball.

There are 2 x 40g balls and 2 x 30g balls, the largest amount of weight that can be used in one of the Kegel holders at any one time is therefore 80g. To interchange the balls, gently push the ball out of the silicone holder and gently slide your desired ball in place.

The balls measure 4.5 inches in circumference.

The two ball holder measures 4 inches in length with a further 2.5 inch removal cord. The one ball holder measures 2 inches with a further 2.75 inch removal cord.

  • How it Measures Up

    • circumference: 4.5
    • Insertable Length: 4
    • Length: 7

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