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    1. Ultra 7 Vector Vibrating Love Egg

      Average customer review 4 out of 5 stars8 reviews

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      1. Ultra 7 Vector Vibrating Love Egg

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    1. Product Description

      Larger than most of our love eggs, the Ultra 7 really packs a punch with seven unique pulsing functions, including escalating and pulsating patterns.

      The larger love egg means it can deliver pleasure to the whole vaiginal area, and makes it great for couples too.

      Best of all - it's really quiet!

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Ultra 7 Vector Vibrating Love Egg 8 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Ultra 7 Vector Vibrating Love Egg
      2. Ultra 7 Vector Vibrating Love Egg


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    1. The best toy in the world

      Reviewed: 01 February 2012 by amuseplease, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      A must have toy which works really well for both solo and partner play. I've been using it for about 6 years and no other toy has managed to do the job as well as this one.

      The flat surface of the egg is perfectly suited for clitoral stimulation and you'll find that the first setting is intense enough and that the others are just a nice bonus. It's also nice to give the remote to your partner and let them take control. The egg isn't really made for internal use, but it can be used at the same as dildos/other vibrators. It's remarkably good value considering that it's far more powerful than other more expensive external toys.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Powerful vibrations, 7 amazing settings = a guaranteed orgasm.
      The cord isn't very durable and it's not very quiet.
      Bottom line
      Good value for mind-blowing orgasms every time.
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    1. Who Said It's Just The Ladies Who Get All The Fun?

      Reviewed: 11 March 2011 by Tommy Tank

      Ages ago I bought the missus an Ann Summers Ultra 7 Penis-Head Vibrator. She liked it a lot. It's compact. Well made and most importantly has a helluva powerful bullet-motor which is certainly one of if not the most powerful I've ever bought.

      I'd read and seen videos of how chaps had used this style of vibrator to give themselves pleasure to orgasm using no-touch techniques and decided to try it for myself one day. Well it took a few goes but eventually after a LOT of experimentation (hard work - but it had to be done) I managed to actually achieve it and wished I had experimented before. I know WHY I hadn't for most guys the feel of a standard conventional dildo/vibrator is OK but never does any more than assist an erection.

      Well the Ultra 7 was different. Isolating all the power to only the motor itself means the vibrations are direct and tingling. I found the best way to use it was to somehow lay the bullet casing parallel to the penis head... either below or above the glans itself and tried different ways to 'secure' it there. Firstly - using a condom pulled over it and the bell-end (to use medical terminology) would be a tight fit tho not a very practical one. A better method was to simply wrap both vibe-bullet and knob-length with clingfilm. This was easier but would often result in the arrangement losing good contact and without that the pleasurable effects are immediately diminished. I eventually hit on the optimum method. To strap the wee silver motor unit with micropore tape. This is medical tape but is paper like and designed to stick to the skin but not tenaciously. Not a good idea to have to do an impromptu sack and crack wax after every Ultra 7 session no matter how enjoyable it may be during it, readers.

      Even then success in hankering a hands-free hamshankery was not always guaranteed, mostly but not always. And then - I cracked the 100% barrier by doing the following. 1) Attach the ol' chap's distal-end to the bullet casing with aforementioned medi-tape. This can be either on top of or under the shaft but always at the 'head end'. Ok? Good. (2) Lie on back and think of Engla... well something of a stimulating nature or even better some ONE and switch progressively from from the first to the second to the third rhythm patterns (all constant and increasing in intensity). (3) Then when ready switch to the fifth pattern which is a slow-to-fast pattern. (4) Now, using a slow thrusting hip action rock the groin region to effectively make the bullet/cock-head rub against the stomach and at the same time use your hands to stimulate the nipples - that is if like me, you are sensitive there. If not try some 'reading/viewing material' and eventually after a few goes you should be doing something they don't officially write in the manuals - be a bloke AND have a vibe-based climax and live to tell the tale afterwards.

      Now then... being a subjective thing what works for one person won't necessarily work for another - but if it does work for you and there's every chance that it might then it'll be an experience I can assure you've never had before and for about twenty quid you won't get similar fun on the High Street. Well, not the High Streets I go down anyway! Anyway... back to the original tale... I've digressed more with this story than Ronnie Corbett himself. Right then.

      Sadly after a few years the ol' original Ultra 7 bit the dust. It didn't break but the cable inserting into the bullet itself lost connection and being a sealed unit it regrettablly was eventually consigned to the bin. Ann Summers no longer sell it so for a long time I just presumed it wasn't made any more. Very few bullet vibes take four AA batteries (most are two or one) and just can't really have the power behind them to make the difference I was looking for. I just gave up looking - I tried a few of the wife's 'usual' penile-length equivalents but they just aren't shaped to work for us male members on our male members. Then I remembered buying a coupla bits in the past from Lovehoney. Did a search for the Ultra 7 but nothing appeared. My how I laughed :-( And then I did a dedicated search under Bullets Vibrators and lo and behold up came Ultra 7 but with the mysterious 'Vector' end piece. What the hell is a Vector when its at home, Ethel? No matter. It looked similar. The rhythm pattern description looked identical to ol' faithful. It HAD to be the same kinda thing. So I bit the bullet (groan!) and yup I am pleased to say folks, that two days later on the front doormat lay another, now slightly updated... Ultra 7. Obviously not just laying there for the Postman and neighbours to see, it was in a plain brown box an' that but an Ultra 7 it was.

      And the report back? Is it just as good as the early 2000 edition?. Most certainly! And they've redesigned how the cable inserts into the egg too so it more hardier to over exuberant use. Nice! And what of the reshaped 'Vector' bullet? It's actually better. It's longer than the 'Penis Head' shaped original and lies along the penile length with better ergonomics and this larger skin-contact surface area means it's even easier to achieve what I once thought was the unachievable. Would I recommend getting one?.What do you think? And for the Ladies? Erm... how about a second Ultra 7 Vector Love Egg? Because if you're both using only one, it's going to eat a lot of rechargeable batteries in a session? :-) Men of Britain... do NOT hesitate or dally any longer this is the TRUE 'his and hers' vibrator on the market. And if you don't think so then please post your unwanted Ultra 7s to me and t'missus and we'll use 'em as backup vibrators should our own ones run out of power through overuse!

      Top service again, Lovehoney! It's like that telly advert for the Yellow Pages ... you've found something many years later that I thought I'd never see again! :) xxx

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      No other vibe works for guys like this one and that's why I ordered it.
      Seven rhythms is good - more would be better. :-)
      Bottom line
      If you want hands--free male orgasms this is the blighter!
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    1. Best we've used

      Reviewed: 21 February 2007 by Big_Chris

      This is a lovely smooth egg/bullet vibrator with a very powerful motor and multi-speed controller.

      This required 4 x AA batteries and gives just the right amount on stimulation at each step as it builds and falls keeping you on the edge until you decide to take it further.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Strong vibrations and 7 modes of varying speed and intensity
      Bottom line
      Best buy for a long time and great to use with a G-Spot vibrator
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