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    1. Good Service DVD - Anna Span Volume 4

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      1. Good Service DVD - Anna Span Volume 4

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    1. Product Description

      102 scorchingly sexy minutes of hot and horny couples getting it on in their places of work. Whether its in the garage, the haridressers or the desk in the travel agents, these hotties seriously love what they do!

      From Anna Span, the 'UK's hottest porn director' (Arena magazine), this groundbreaking DVD features erotic scenes shot from a genuine female point of view.

      Good looking models, female friendly - this is genuinely arousing erotica for you and your partner.

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      Good Service DVD - Anna Span Volume 4 2 0.5 out of 5 stars 0.5 out of 5

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      1. Good Service DVD - Anna Span Volume 4
      2. Good Service DVD - Anna Span Volume 4

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    1. Total waste of money!

      Reviewed: 21 February 2008 by sweeter

      This was a utter disappointment. It was the first "porn" I had bought and was hoping, and expecting more. The places the action (if you could call it that) was supposed to take place, sounded exciting but definitely didn't make the most of them. Didn't get to see anything of the men, and if you are buying porn supposed to be for females then I think that's what we want to see!

      To be honest I completely lost interest in this, stopped watching and have never bothered to watch it again. I noticed that if I'd got a hold of a R rated copy instead of the Ann Summers friendly 18 versions then you'd see more explicit stuff but even then I wouldn't bother with it.

      The acting was poor, there was no excitement and I didn't enjoy the story lines. Even once I'd stopped watching it, their voices still annoyed me!

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      For me, nothing
      The quality, the action, everything
      Bottom line
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    1. Good Service? - I beg to differ!

      Reviewed: 06 August 2007 by hollymarinelli

      I watched Anna Span on This Morning one morning and heard how she makes porn for women, so I bought the DVD (and for not all that cheaply may I add!), and was utterly utterly disappointed. The women either seemed uninterested, or (in the mechanic scene), so viley loose that it didn't appear that she even felt anything! It was just a turn off from start to finish. Women just seemed desensitive, the atmosphere was dull, the 'humour' misplaced, there were no close ups and it was just a general bore from start to finish; it's only saving grace was the lesbian beauty therapy scene, but even that could have been made more of.

      If this was porn for women, than I must be all man, and I most certainly am not that! A big huge let down. Anna is certainly playing it loosely with the word 'good' in the title! My advice - save your 20 quid, buy a dildo and let your imagination do the work!

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      Bit of realistic lesbian sex.
      Eveything apart from this!
      Bottom line
      A complete waste of money.
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