1. Mystery Vibe Crescendo App Controlled Bendable Smart Vibrator

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      1. Mystery Vibe Crescendo App Controlled Bendable Smart Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Discover erogenous zones you never knew existed with the Crescendo vibrator from Mystery Vibe. Made from sleek, sensual silicone, Crescendo bends to adapt to your body for heavenly personalised pleasure in 12 patterns and 16 intensity levels.

      Crescendo offers you tailored delights as you shape it to any position you please, sending vibrations from its 6 motors to your special sweet spots, whether you're enjoying a solo session or partaking in paired lovemaking.

      Use the power button to cycle through the 12 pre-loaded patterns, or download the app to explore even more thrilling vibration settings. Create your own rhythm or hand over the controls to a willing partner and allow them to build up the tempo.

      Crescendo charges wirelessly and comes with a luxurious quilted storage bag to keep it safely stowed away between play times. It's also fully waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the bath or shower.

      To help you reach your highest notes of pleasure, slather Crescendo with water-based lubricant before use.

      Key Features:

      • Bendable app controlled multifunction vibrator that moulds to your body for ultra-personalised pleasure
      • 16 levels of intensity with 12 pre-loaded vibration patterns and even more available through the free app
      • Charges wirelessly so your toy is always ready when you are
      • Fully waterproof for bathtub play
      • Silky smooth silicone feels great against the skin
      • Includes a luxurious quilted storage bag

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      Mystery Vibe Crescendo App Controlled Bendable Smart Vibrator 1 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Mystery Vibe Crescendo App Controlled Bendable Smart Vibrator
      2. Mystery Vibe Crescendo App Controlled Bendable Smart Vibrator

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    1. A little bit hit and miss

      Reviewed: 01 July 2019 by VirginAngel, a Straight Single Female

      For how expensive it is, I really, really wanted to love this vibe, but I'm sad to say it is quite average.

      The Pros:

      Rechargeable, saving on the cost of buying batteries.

      Wireless charging, meaning no fiddling with a port that can get damaged, also keeps the toy reliably fully waterproof.

      Has a handy silicone finger grip to help keep a hold on the toy.

      Can be app controlled to involve a partner in the fun, also allows for downloading of several more pattern settings.

      Boasts 6, yes SIX, motors, enabling the vibrations to be strong and consistent throughout the length of the toy.

      16 intensity settings, there's sure to be one that's just right for you, and the top intensity is POWERFUL.

      Bendable at 5 points to create a custom shape.

      Smooth, body-safe silicone, makes it easy to clean, and super smooth to glide over the skin.


      The buttons are very small and hard to read. I would often find myself forgetting which side was pattern setting and which was intensity, and changing the wrong thing.

      I found the toy a bit too easy to bend. I like a good firm pressure, but trying to apply much pressure would cause the joints to bend when I didn't want them to, changing the shape of the toy and the points of contact.

      Didn't quite have the angle of bend to allow contact with G-spot and clitoris, so I had to use a second toy alongside. (I do have a very small and buried clitoris, so this may not be the case for others.)

      It's unfortunately quite noisy. Not the most discreet of toys, due to the power.

      Prolonged use can cause tingling and numbness in the hand/fingers.

      Also worth noting, not listed as a pro or con as it is subjective, is the toy gets very warm whilst charging. This can add a nice extra sensation if you use it right after charging.

      There are 5 bending joints, these are in between the motors and spaced evenly along the length of the toy. The tip is very solid and firm. In the picture the toy looks cylindrical but it is actually flat on the top and bottom, making it wider than it is thick, so there's a good contact surface. It is very easy to hold and control thanks to the silicone grips that you slide your finger between.

      There is a wide range in the vibration patterns. Added to the 16 intensity levels, there is bound to be a setting that works well for everyone. Easy to turn on and off, and scroll between patterns and intensities separately.

      The toy charges by placing it on a charging pad, which runs off a USB so can be charged by laptop, plug adapter or direct wall connection. A handy LED will blink when the toy is charging, and stay solid once fully charged. As mentioned, the toy, and the charger but not to such a degree, get quite warm during charging, so take care what surface you place it on. The app is easy to use, and holds connection well. Within the same room there were no issues with connection or disconnecting.

      A charge lasts well. I used it for half an hour straight with no weakening of vibrations.

      Storage-wise the box the toy comes in is very stylish, a patterned black box with magnetic closing. Also included is a quilted pouch with sections for the toy and the charger, allowing for easy storage and making it transportable. The outer sleeve that covers the box does contain the brand name, Mystery Vibe, but the box itself just has the toy name, Crescendo, and could sit on any shelf and not draw obvious attention.

      Can be used internally for - spot stimulation or clitorally. Sadly for me the toy would need to be a little bit longer with a sharper angle of bend to use on both simultaneously.

      A slender, tapered girth allows for easy insertion, regardless of your experience with toys.

      There are so many things overall that are good about this toy. Sadly it just isn't quite the perfect toy for me.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Finger grip, customisability, rechargeable, waterproof.
      Bends a little too easily, but also not sharply enough.
      Bottom line
      A solid 8 out of 10, but not quite worth the price tag for me.
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