1. Mr. Nori's Magic Gel Authentic Nuru Massage Gel 244ml

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      1. Mr. Nori's Magic Gel Authentic Nuru Massage Gel 244ml

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    1. Product Description

      Probably the kinkiest massage there is, Nuru massage is an intimate therapy that makes use of your largest sex organ; your skin! Slather yourselves head-to-toe with this thick, glossy gel and slide over each other for sexy slip and slide fun. Read more...

      Unlike muscle releasing therapies that use pin-point pressure to alleviate aches and pains, Nuru massage uses sensation and intimacy to relieve stress, enhance closeness and sexually awaken you.

      Mr. Nori's Magic Gel is specially formulated to nourish and lubricate you skin for a thrilling naked play session unlike any other. It's 98% natural and contains seaweed extracts for authentic Nuru adventures that are sure to leave you in a state of ecstasy.

      To use, dilute this concentrated gel with warm water (1:1) and spread it over your bodies. Now get creative! Use various body parts to caress, rub and slide over each other and find out what feels great, and where.

      For a more intense experience, hop in the bath or shower and use this product undiluted for a super-slick sitting.

      This bottle should contain enough gel for two or three Nuru massages, depending on the generosity and length of each massage.

      Key Features:

      • Extra-thick water-based massage gel for full body Nuru massage
      • Infused with Nori seaweed and grapefruit extracts for their detoxifying properties
      • Concentrated formula dilutes for slick smooth massage
      • Leaves you and your partner, slippery, shiny and moisturised all over
      • 98% natural ingredients and not tested on animals
      • Flavourless, odourless, colourless and non-staining
      • Easy-squeeze bottle for straightforward dispensing

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      Mr. Nori's Magic Gel Authentic Nuru Massage Gel 244ml 2 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Mr. Nori's Magic Gel Authentic Nuru Massage Gel 244ml
      2. Mr. Nori's Magic Gel Authentic Nuru Massage Gel 244ml

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    1. Slippin' 'n' Slidin'

      Reviewed: 26 November 2016 by Itstartedincornwall, a Straight Married Female

      OMG - my better half bought this for the first time, and what can I say, it was just the best fun.

      We absolutely loved it. It was so erotic and a huge turn-on.

      We put Sexy Shiny Vinyl Flat King Size Bedsheet on the mattress... Well, that just shouted out sex because of its colour (red).

      We both had a quick bath, left ourselves damp, and well, just started lathering ourselves in the diluted Nuru massage gel.

      It had an immediate sexual reaction. We were all over each other. There was absolutely no friction, and we were literally slipping and sliding everywhere. Sex was fantastic as my husband was able to slip in and out of me constantly.

      Bottle says enough for 2-3 massages... Oops I think we used too much. But we've recently bought another bottle, and I can't wait!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      The best erotic fun ever.
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    1. Slide away

      Reviewed: 01 May 2016 by Stuburns, a Straight Married Male

      I have used Nuru gel before and, of course, I would offer myself up to test Nuru gel. I absolutely love Nuru massage. Hands down my favourite type of massage.

      This for me is possibly the best skin safe product out there and after a session with this, your skin will feel soft and smooth. Even the day after you will feel the benefits to your skin that this product provide. Seaweed extract has long proven benefits for skin health with many other products using it as an ingredient.

      This bottle is an ideal starter size for those wanting to have their first experience in Nuru massage. Almost a fully natural product and so gentle on your skin. Having used Nuru many times we find it best to use whilst still damp from the shower. Ideally, you would have PVC bedsheets or similar to gain the best experience.

      Whilst the skin is damp, apply liberal amounts to every part of the body. You will realise how slippy this stuff is as soon as you apply. Next step entwine your bodies and effortlessly glide all over each other. There is no friction whatsoever. It's great foreplay. We absolutely love it. It's very erotic and feels great.

      The gel does soak in as your bodies warm it up so you may find you apply more but there are no hard or soft rules about use just go with what you want.

      We have never had any reaction externally or internally to Nuru gel and it even ends up becoming a lubricant in penetration. Penetration will happen very easily whilst gliding up and down each other.

      I can't explain enough how erotic an act we find Nuru massage and I just advise you to give it a try yourself if only for how great your skin will feel after use.

      Even though you will think you will be sticky after use if it doesn't soak in just pat yourself down with a towel after use.

      Best of all there is no odour with Nuru gel.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Skin benefits. Effortless, frictionless massage.
      Bottom line
      Best erotic experience by far.
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