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    1. Fun Factory MISS BI Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars11 reviews

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      1. Fun Factory MISS BI Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Curvaceous, powerful and sassy... No, we're not talking about Queen Bey. MISS BI's here to steal the show. With 7 vibration modes to massage your G-spot and clitoris, 2 extra powerful motors and a compact, curved shaft, next generation orgasms are yours.

      Truly a thing of wonder, MISS BI is a powerful rabbit vibrator designed to rock your world, G-spot and clitoris. With 2 independently controlled motors, tailored thrills are in the palm of your hand.

      Perfectly proportioned to fit most women, MISS BI's shapely 3 inch silicone shaft makes light work of locating and stimulating your G-spot, while a flexible, textured clitoral stimulator works its magic externally to bring you to an all-encompassing, blended shudder of ecstasy.

      The USB rechargeable vibe also boasts a bulbous swelling at the base of the shaft which stretches the labia and ensures no nerve-ending goes un-tickled. This innovative design makes you feel full and satisfied in every sense.

      Everyone knows wetter is better, so be sure to slather MISS BI and yourself with plenty of water-based lubricant before play for the ultimate slip 'n' slide fun.

      Maximum circumference: 5.1 inches

      Key Features:

      • Powerful G-spot rabbit vibrator for simultaneous dual stimulation
      • Main shaft with curved tip and bulbous base massage with precision
      • Textured, flexible clitoral stimulator maintains contact for blended sensations
      • Completely waterproof for versatile play locations
      • 2 independently controlled motors with 3 speeds and 4 patterns each enable tailored pleasure
      • Magnetic USB rechargeable motors for eco-friendly reliable battery life
      • User-friendly 3-button interface with handle for seamless use

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Fun Factory MISS BI Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator 11 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Fun Factory MISS BI Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator
      2. Fun Factory MISS BI Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

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    1. My new go-to

      Reviewed: 03 March 2018 by MolotovKing, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I may not have bought this item from Lovehoney, but I felt that a review would help those seeking advice on it.

      The toy is a beautiful piece of equipment. Sleek, smooth silicone, nice handle. Easy buttons, too, which is always good when you’re in the heat of the moment. It has a very nice weight to it as well. The travel lock also makes it convenient for travel.

      The vibrations are very powerful. For those looking for some hearty tools, this would be that. It’s got deep, rumbly vibrations, and is definitely for those who are power queens.

      Overall, great. Worth over £100? Not sure, but still a great toy.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Good vibrations.
      Very pricey.
      Bottom line
      Great, would recommend.
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    1. Oh My Miss Bi!

      Reviewed: 17 August 2017 by 2Dogs, a Straight Married Male

      This is the OH’s favourite toy – maybe the one toy to rule them all!

      This vibe would be considered perfect by her for the following reasons:

      Girth at the base, clit vibe hits the spot, g-spot bump/vibe hits the spot, adjustable vibes, waterproof, great feel, and quality design overall (combined solo and couple play feedback).

      When I use this on her it is very typical to elicit the ‘slow down so I don’t cum too soon’ directive. At that time I can turn the vibes off for added play time – and from the looks and sounds, it is still very pleasurable even with no vibe.

      This toy is best used during couples play for us. We have not tried anal insertion but using the clit end down ‘there’ (spun 180) is good for some serious moaning and squirming. And I can provide oral to her in that position – many happy endings this way. Even with the ring-end, it can get slippery. But I would almost consider that a positive: hold on tight, here we go!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Fast and intense orgasms
      Cannot be left inserted without holding in place – will pop out
      Bottom line
      This is a must-have toy!
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    1. Miss Bi, Take Me To Planet Orgasm

      Reviewed: 17 August 2017 by Ragnar Lodbrok

      Written by Mrs Lodbrok:

      Having searched (for what seems like an age) for a vibrator that has been able to fit my anatomy comfortably and work for me by providing satisfying, toe-curling, thigh-clenching orgasms that I crave, I am now extremely happy that I now need wait any longer. Fun Factory’s Miss BI USB Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator has come to my rescue.

      It has provided me with such exquisite stimulation that it has resulted in my experiencing the most sensational and intense orgasms ever. I have never achieved such orgasms with any of the numerous vibrators in my collection. What this vibrator has provided me with during the past few days since I received it, has eclipsed anything any other vibrator has ever managed to do.


      The Fun Factory Miss BI USB Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator comes in the usual luxurious-looking boxes that are standard for the Fun Factory’s trade mark brand. My immediate thoughts and impressions were how sumptuous and sexy-looking the outer sleeve looked. A photograph (to scale) of a Miss Bi Black Line Dual Vibrator is featured on the front of the outer sleeve and overlays a matte black background embossed with contrasting shiny dots giving an impression of a luxurious, machine-turned appearance. One side of the sleeve, seven pictograms are displayed depicting easy to understand product information.

      The inner box (a brushed gold-coloured box with red inlay) contains the vibrator and its USB charging cable, and again provides an immediate impression of luxury. Within the box, a “User Manual” provides the user with information - again in an easy to understand pictogram format.

      First Impressions

      On opening the box, my first impressions of the Miss BI G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator were that it looked much smaller than the similar styled vibrators I have in my collection and that it was completely different to what I was expecting to find (despite reading the product description and specifications before taking delivery!).

      In appearance, the short and “stumpy-looking” shape (manufactured in a sexy matte black silicone), is different to any other design of rabbit vibrator I have previously experienced. The girth of the short shaft is slimmest towards the slightly curved tip at one end, and widest at the bulge at the other end (just above the handle) and at a point where the clitoral stimulator arm extends. The clitoral stimulator arm appears to be flatter, wider and longer than the “ears” usually found on conventional rabbit vibrators, and it looks more like a tiny tongue.

      The handle’s design is quite exciting-looking. It is manufactured in black plastic and comprises a finger loop (the inner part being in contrasting silver plastic) making it easy to hold and manoeuvre the vibrator. The handle is where the terminals for the magnetic USB recharging cable (included) connect, and the three buttons controlling the product’s vibrations and patterns: a “Fun” button (an On /Quick stop button); a button to control the shaft motor; and a third to control the clitoral arm motor, are all located. These buttons allow the user to change vibration speed, pattern, program and save favourite settings, whilst the helpful travel lock feature locks the vibrator when it is in transit.

      My experience of the product:

      Before I could use the product, it was necessary for me to charge the internal battery up via the USB charging cable and my laptop. The “click and charge” feature was so simple and straightforward. The two metallic studs on the vibrator’s handle, magnetically click and connect to the end of the charger. After about two hours, the battery power indicator (Fun button) on the handle showed that the vibrator was sufficiently charged.

      I first decided to try out the vibrator’s speeds and patterns on my skin, to discover the range of vibration intensities and the different vibration speeds the shaft and clitoral stimulator provided. I was immediately struck by the weightiness of the vibrator given its size, but I didn’t find this was too heavy to become a problem.

      Switching the vibrator on, I experienced firstly, and separately, the sheer power and intensity of the vibrating shaft, then the clitoral stimulator and lastly the combination of both. The power of this diminutive vibrator, took me completely by surprise. I could not believe the deep, rumbling intensity of the vibration speeds and patterns as I moved the vibrator along my arm! This was something I hadn’t previously experienced with other vibrators.

      The different sounds the motors made when cycling through them was fairly loud (slightly louder than the Fun Factory G-Twist vibrator I recently tested and reviewed) and the volume of the sound increased according to the intensity of the speed/vibration when selected.

      Suitably impressed with my early experience of the vibrations, I decided it was time to put the Miss Bi Black Line Dual Vibrator to the test and explore further its initial promise.

      Given that most of my previous experiences of dual vibrators have not been immense successes, is an understatement, and the prospect of testing this expensive product and hoping for the immediate results I so desired, gave me a feeling of apprehension.

      I applied a generous amount of water-based lube to the shaft, tip and clitoral arm and deployed the Fun button to unlock the vibrator. Experimenting with the wide variety of speeds was easy. Using the two buttons on the handle, I easily and smoothly, controlled the speeds and patterns the two separate motors in the shaft and clitoral stimulator had to offer.

      Firstly, moving through the different speeds and patterns to one that I found the most pleasurable, I used the vibrating tip of the shaft on my labia and discovered a stimulating and satisfying rumbling so deep, that it sent waves of pleasure coursing through me in next to no time. I could feel the intense vibrations from the shaft flowing like tiny bolts of electricity towards my clit. As I slowly inserted its full length into my vagina, the girth felt amazing. With a minimum of applied pressure, the vibrating arm of the clit stimulator nuzzled my clit whilst the shaft and tip massaged the internal walls of my vagina. The sensations I felt, after a few minutes of manipulation, various applied pressure and adjustment of angle and vibration, were ones I had not previously experienced before and I immediately knew that this vibrator was doing things to me like no other.

      The tongue-like stimulator purred expertly against my clit and provided such an exquisitely performed cunnilingus. Simultaneously, the pliable tip and shaft directed vibrations to my internal nerve endings. The curved tip sought out my G-Spot but, as in all other attempts to discover its exact location, this wasn't accomplished. The experience was like no other and, on reflection, felt what it must be like to be on the receiving end of a threesome - with me in the middle. The wave after wave of internal/external pleasure I experienced with my dual play, had me heading to unchartered territory previously not encountered. It wasn’t too long before I was in the throes of such intense orgasmic pleasure. OMG!! My thighs held the vibrator in their vice-like grip whilst I writhed in a heightened state of frenzy and ecstasy like no other.

      I am extremely pleased also that subsequent play sessions using this beautiful vibrator, have resulted in similar satisfying and sensational orgasms.

      When my OH has taken control of Miss Bi and used the vibrator on me as part of our foreplay, we have enjoyed a mutually satisfying and pleasurable experience. The arrival of Miss Bi has initiated more regular and spontaneous love-making!

      Other features of this vibrator’s versatility are that it can be used for anal play, if required, and it is also fully waterproof allowing for use in the bath, or shower (although we have not yet summoned up enough courage to use it in this manner... yet!).

      The silicone material is easily cleaned with either the application of anti-bacterial wipe, spray, or mild soap and hot water.


      I mostly favour the stimulation of my labia, but I am also keen to receive clitoral stimulation, through whatever means, either during solo play, or during foreplay with my OH. The problem I constantly have is finding a vibrator for solo play of such a design, size and power to provide the simultaneous stimulation, of my clitoris and labia. The “rabbit” vibrators I have previously had experience of either had such long (often inflexible) shafts, whilst the “ears” provided unsatisfactory, and disappointing, clitoral stimulation.

      The “ears” themselves are usually too pointy and fail to provide the intense pressure I like to enjoy being exerted on my clit whilst enjoying simultaneous penetration of my vagina. I completely understand that our anatomies and physiologies cannot (and are not) identical, and that whilst one rabbit vibrator will suit one woman, it will disappoint the next, and so on.

      Not so the Fun Factory Miss Bi Black Line Dual Vibrator!! At last, the only perfectly designed dual vibrator to successfully satisfy all my needs has arrived!

      I particularly enjoyed the length, girth and being able to display my inventiveness in controlling, adjusting (and saving) the independent intensities of either clit stim, or shaft to suit my mood and desires – one speed intense, the other less intense and so forth – in order to prolong, or hasten my journey to Planet Orgasm!

      The wide, flat, tongue of the clit stim coupled with the short shaft are perfectly proportioned to suit my anatomy. The clit stim is wide, firm, and flexible – perfect for providing the kind of clitoral stimulation I enjoy - whilst the bulbous section of the shaft provided me with a feeling of fullness once I had completely inserted it in my vagina. The flexible tip of the curved shaft was perfect for creating those exquisite sensations brought about only by the stimulation of the internal nerves of my innermost reaches.

      The vibrations are the most powerful and intense I have experienced and the ability to choose independent and different intensities, for whatever purpose, makes this vibrator one of the most versatile and well-built on the market - hence its price.

      The size of this vibrator should not deter those seeking the ultimate orgasmic thrill. I have always been a firm believer of the adage: “You get what you pay for”. Anyone purchasing this excellent vibrator will soon realise its outstanding qualities and uniqueness and of its excellent value for money despite its diminutive size and proportions.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Instrumental in my achieving the most intense orgasms ever The shape, size and powerful vibrations.
      The noise levels caused by the vibration speeds. A toy bag was not included.
      Bottom line
      The most excellent aid to achieving the most sublime and exquisite orgasms.
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