1. boing-boing's review of The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game for Friends

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      1. The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game for Friends

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      The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game for Friends 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game for Friends
      2. boing-boing's review of The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game for Friends

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    1. Quite cheeky and great entertainment

      Reviewed: 21 May 2013 by boing-boing

      My wife and I absolutely love board games, it's our equivalent of the Xbox (yes we are behind the times!), so we were over the moon when we received this yesterday from Lovehoney as a tester (thank you, always appreciated). Needless to say it wasn't hanging around long waiting to be tested.

      Okay so onto the game... The easiest way to describe it is that it's like an adult industry themed version of Monopoly with extra challenges (risky or frisky cards) and sexually themed question cards (with their own challenges of sorts if answered incorrectly). To spice it up further, the board also features a lap dance/massage square which proved quite funny! There are two methods for playing the game, either by playing until all other players have been made bankrupt, or by setting a predetermined time and the winner being the one who has accumulated the most wealth within said time.

      Game play is of a similar length to Monopoly, mainly due to the challenges and questioning (which we feel makes the game) we played two games last night and it took us all evening. The pieces are all an adult spin off of the Monopoly theme with the playing pieces including a beaver, a pussy and a cock. Instead of a jail, there's a dungeon and there's a selection of adult industry related businesses to choose from.

      The Cheeky Adult Board Game is a lot of fun to play and quite interactive and at times embarrassingly revealing (in a good way!). It's definitely gained a place in our regular board games shelf and will most likely see regular use over some drinks at our parties where it's lighthearted nature will probably make it a good source of entertainment. We feel it's a game that would be a lot more entertaining the more people you had playing it.

      Our only criticism with the game is that we wish the makers had gained a higher budget, we would love to see someone make a version of this game that had a bit more class and quality to it. While fun and a good laugh, the tone of the game is a bit tacky and childish in places i.e with the names of the pieces, the cheap sounding titles for all the businesses and the 'naughty' cartoon artwork.

      It would be great to see a game like this designed for those adult industry geeks out there, using actual actual companies, film studios and famous red light areas (e.g Evil Empire, Soho, and even Lovehoney!), themed playing pieces that had a bit more thought put into them rather than the animals that match sexual slang and a higher standard of artwork or even photography. But just because the game could be made a lot better than it is, doesn't stop it already being a lot of fun. We still love this game and looking forward to playing it at a few parties with friends, we just wished it satisfied the nerd in us too!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Good game play, fun.
      A much better version of this could be made.
      Bottom line
      Good silly adult themed fun, great for parties and not for taking too seriously!
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