1. Bodywand G-Spot Magic Wand Attachment

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      1. Bodywand G-Spot Magic Wand Attachment

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    1. Product Description

      Looking to get more from your magic wand vibrator? You just hit the jackpot my friend. With this simple G-spot attachment by your side, transform your wand from powerful massager to super-strong climax-inducer in a jiffy. Squirt-tastic!

      Modify your wand massager quickly and easily with this innovative silicone G-spot attachment. The soft and stretchy form slips effortlessly over the head of your wand so you can enjoy the powerful vibrator experience of a magic wand against your internal pleasure zones.

      The smooth, silicone probe is perfectly shaped for G-spot stimulation, with a top-heavy 5 inch girth that curves upwardly to match the contours of your body. Measuring 3.75 insertable inches, the length is perfectly proportioned to hit your sexiest internal hot spot every time.

      To get the most from your attachment, make sure you slather it generously with your favourite water-based lube before play.

      Please note: this product is waterproof, but your wand may not be. Please check manufacturer instructions before putting your wand near water.

      Key Features:

      • Silicone wand attachment for turning your magic wand into a G-spot toy
      • Sends the powerful wand vibrations straight to your G-spot
      • Made from soft, flexible skin-safe silicone
      • Easy to attach, use and clean
      • Perfect for beginners and suitable for anal use

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      Bodywand G-Spot Magic Wand Attachment 17 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Bodywand G-Spot Magic Wand Attachment
      2. Bodywand G-Spot Magic Wand Attachment

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    1. Adds a new dimension

      Reviewed: 24 January 2019 by Wizz2130, a Straight Married Male

      A while ago I bought my wife a magic want and it was instantly a big hit, giving amazing results. I put two and two together and thought that there must be somewhere that makes add-ons that sit on top for penetration.

      I searched Lovehoney and found a few adapters that did just the thing. I settled on this one as it would give my wife a nice length to insert as she likes the feeling of penetration.

      On first use we needed to stop to get a towel before carrying on. The following orgasms were explosive to say the least.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Adds a new dimension to the wand.
      Bottom line
      It’s a must for anyone that owns a wand.
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    1. Intense

      Reviewed: 06 June 2017 by DanandAmy, a Bisexual Married Female

      Very powerful when used with my wand.

      Does reduce the amount of stimulation on the clit. However, is still very good.

      I found it was better to move it around inside myself rather than keep it still as had a bigger orgasm that way.

      Is almost better to use it as a dildo in that sense and really work it inside you.

      But when you do oh my god wow is all I can say.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Very powerful, feels very nice inside you great orgasms. Would highly recommend.
      To be honest nothing. Like I said does reduce the stimulation to the clit.
      Bottom line
      Amazing. I love it has become a regular in my bedroom.
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    1. Intense P-spot stimulation

      Reviewed: 13 September 2016 by Nick-, a Straight Married Male

      When this arrived I was a bit taken aback by the size of the attachment. It was very smooth silicone, soft to touch but still firmish...

      I put on some lube, coating the head and tried to coax it in. Took a while to adjust and I felt myself widening, then suddenly it popped it and slid in so fast that I gasped.

      Felt really full but it was also very secure. I attached the Lelo smart wand on and put it on low. Oh wow, it was a very nice feeling it felt like the wand was inside me and rubbing my P-spot.

      I put the wand up a couple notches and it felt reaaally great and within minutes I was cumming!

      One of the best attachments for guys as well. I know it says G-spot, but it's a superb P-spot attachment.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The fit in bum is perfect - tight and snug, material smooth.
      Nothing! Hmm, don't put your wand up too high - it can be painful.
      Bottom line
      One of the best P-spot attachments.
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    1. This G-Spot Attachment Really Hits the Spot

      Reviewed: 30 September 2014 by Scorpius12, a Straight Married Female

      As always my package arrived quickly and discretely, thanks Lovehoney!

      This G-Spot magic wand attachment looks really expensive and is very well made. The thing I love about this attachment is the feel of the silicone - this has to be on of the most softest, silky toys I have felt. It feels amazing! There are no seams to this toy or any odour. It is also a very solid attachment, weighing 150grams.

      A huge plus with this attachment, is that it fits really easily onto the magic wand head. I have had a lot of trouble with other wand attachments being such a tight fit and almost breaking trying to get them on. Not with this one, as the opening is much larger than other wand attachments I have experienced. I did not have to use any lube to get it on or struggle with it at all. It slid on very easily, and taking off was not a problem either.

      The other issue I have had with wand attachments in the past, is that you can’t feel the vibrations through to the attachment, but with this one, you can really feel the power right to the tip!

      The size is not small, 5” circumference but, because of its unique shape and material, it slipped inside me comfortably with the help of some water-based lube. This attachment has a large bulbous tip which is perfect for G-spot stimulation. The sensations were amazing and so powerful, I couldn't use my wand on the top setting with this attachment!

      When used externally for clitoral stimulation, again, the power was so intense I was orgasming within minutes! I have also tried using this for anal stimulation too and again the results were mind-blowing…

      Using this attachment with a mains powered magic wand vibrator, will result in some mind-blowing orgasms, so be prepared! Trust me - you won't be disappointed! If you love deep, powerful vibrations then buy this immediately. What are you waiting for...

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything! This is one of the best wand attachments I have ever tried!
      Absolutely Nothing!
      Bottom line
      If you’re looking for a wand attachment that blows your mind, look no further…
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    1. Muppet madness

      Reviewed: 12 September 2014 by OUCH! Thank you ;), a Straight Married Female

      We have two of these G-spot Pleaser Wand Attachments, received with each of our Deluxe Magic Wands during some fantastic Lovehoney offers. After using the first wand and being a little underwhelmed, it took me a bit of time to want to try the attachment. Don’t misunderstand, the wand is fantastic (though astronomically noisy), but I found the vibes covered too wide an area and I numbed really quickly.

      I had taken a good look at the attachment and I was definitely impressed with its quality. It’s soft and smooth and flexible, yet firm at the tip. I did have a concern that it was slightly too flexible and I wasn’t sure it would give enough pressure to help me achieve a squirting, G-spot orgasm.

      The OH quite likes his prostate attachment and during an afternoon of flogging and restraint, he decided that we were trying ‘the Muppet’. I didn’t have much choice in the matter and I was secretly disappointed that he chose this particular toy.

      He lubed up the attachment (and me) then rolled the wands dial. The deep, noisy rumbles filled the quiet room and I thought ‘here we go again’. Then the tip of the attachment touched my clitoris and I had an honest to god, Disney moment! Birdies singing, Bambi’s cousins looking in the window and mice doing the dishes - the whole nine yards.

      Even just as a clitoral vibrator, this attachment is astonishing! It really managed to focus those vibes into the pin point stimulation I adore and once the OH slipped a couple of fingers inside I actually fought quite enthusiastically against my restraints in a bid to get control of the wand.

      But then things just got even better. The OH swapped out his fingers for the attachment and it landed on my G-spot like they were old friends. My worries about it not providing enough pressure were unfounded and as the vibes were cranked up and his mouth went down - we’ll just say the neighbours knew what we were up to. I made such a noise and such a mess I was actually embarrassed when my restraints were sprung and I staggered off the bed.

      After we got the second wand, they always come out together. Sometimes I’ll have one and he’ll have the other and we’ll use them in a 69 scenario with double explosive results, but my favourite way to use the wands is with the Gonzo twins. One of those bad boys in each hole feels unreal and if the OH angles his wrist right, the vibes travel through his hand to provide clitoral stimulation too, which (while just as wide spread as using the bulb of the wand itself) is enough when combined with the other road works going on down there to have me gleefully gushing away like there’s no tomorrow.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that I actually need this attachment in my life. We have some amazing toys, and this is high up on that list. If you have a wand but not this attachment you should definitely buy it. If you’re lucky enough to have two wands, you should buy two.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Turned a toy I couldn't use into a toy I couldn't live without.
      Can't use it when the kids are in. Or the neighbours two doors down.
      Bottom line
      An absolutely essential enhancement to your wand (or a good reason to buy a wand).
    3. 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes