1. Bettie Page Bad Girl Blackout Blindfold

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      1. Bettie Page Bad Girl Blackout Blindfold

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    1. Product Description

      Take a leaf out of Bettie's bad girl book and explore sensory deprivation for enhanced sensitivity and pleasure in the bedroom. Crafted from satin and quilted faux leather, the blindfold oozes retro charm and provides total blackout for kinky bedroom fun.

      Plunging the wearer into total darkness with its sumptuous grip and flawless fit, this ultra-soft eye mask harks back to household designs of yesteryear with its stunning combination of style and function. Slip it over your lover's eyes for effective light deprivation with absolute comfort, and build anticipation by teasing their skin with a variety of touches.

      We've worked closely with Bettie Page's estate to combine years of Lovehoney knowledge with sensational Bettie Page styling. The result is a stunning collection of pleasure products to satisfy Bettie Page collectors, retro addicts and bondage enthusiasts alike.

      Collect the full set and combine with retro lingerie for a truly vintage pleasure session.

      Key Features:

      • Luxurious satin-feel blindfold for enhancing sensory deprivation play
      • Wire frame and 54 inch length enables the perfect fit for total blackout
      • Made from soft satin-feel fabric and quilted faux leather for a sensual, romantic finish
      • Presented in a beautiful Bettie Page storage box with collectors card and keyring
      • Official Bettie Page merchandise, approved by the Bettie Page estate

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      1. Bettie Page Bad Girl Blackout Blindfold
      2. Bettie Page Bad Girl Blackout Blindfold

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    1. Bettie Page defines luxury

      Reviewed: 24 September 2015 by AdventerousCouple, a Straight Married Male

      The first bondage related item that my partner and I purchased, was another Bettie Page product (the bondage ties). We were in a store, and there were plenty of cheaper options available, but I was able to open the box and see that the Bettie Page products are full of class like no other. So soft and gentle to the submissive, with aesthetic grace that provides extra hotness for the dominator.

      Since that day, we've now got most other Bettie Page products in our bedroom.

      I use all kinds of restraints on my lady, but I choose the Bettie Page products on my lady when I’m wanting her, the submissive, to only be lightly restrained, feel dominated by me yet still feel classy, and that she’s loved and being cared for.

      The blindfold feels extremely comfortable on my lady or on myself. Incredible hotness is achieved when used in combination with other Bettie Page products, such as the collar and leash and cuffs which has matching faux leather to the blindfold, or the restraints set which uses matching ribbon material.

      The ribbon material is incredibly silky smooth and soft, and ties up wonderfully in a bow. I love tying it around my lady in a bow, and have her sucking me off. I can’t get the image of how feminine it is to have a beautiful bow tied on the back of her hair, blindfolded, whilst I pull her on to me using the leash and collar.

      The blindfold has a bendable piece of something inside the material, which retains a bit of shape. This is useful for getting it to sit around the nose of your submissive. Whilst it's not perfect for our perhaps slightly larger than average noses, as a little light still gets through, resulting in being able to still see a little bit, there's not much more that could be done other than to wear a sack.

      I highly recommend exploring the other Bettie Page products as using matching Bettie Page products on my lady is a very hot look. Matching collar and leash, wow! If they’re within your budget, I think it’s worth the extra expense. There’s no reason they won’t last a lifetime unless you abuse them.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      An ultra feminine, yet incredibly kinky look. Goes great with matching restraints.
      If you force me to say something bad, it doesn't totally accommodate my large nose.
      Bottom line
      You can't possibly get any higher quality a blindfold than the Bettie Page.
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    1. Such an exciting experience

      Reviewed: 05 May 2015 by PleasureLover, a Straight Going Steady Female

      This blindfold is a top quality product. It is very thick, padded, and the silky ties make it just that little bit kinkier to use.

      It also comes in a gorgeous box, in black and purple. A great product, and very well presented.

      When my boyfriend tried it on me, he didn't tie it well enough and as it's silky, you need to remember to double knot. Forget about the hair! The blindfold can be shaped the way you want it to, to follow the bridge of your nose.

      We struggled a bit with that and I could still see some light, but I think it's because we were very excited and didn't take the time to put it on right.

      Being unable to see a thing definitely heightens your other senses. I kept listening out for little sounds, wondering what my boyfriend was going to do to me next.

      It added a lot of sensuality for me and my man really enjoyed seeing me lying there, helpless, not knowing where he was going to touch me next and with what.

      We also used the Bettie Page ties for wrists, which added to the excitement.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Top quality product.
      Bottom line
      A great buy to forget about sight and heighten your other senses.
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    1. Exquisite Blidfold that fits perfectly

      Reviewed: 14 March 2015 by DominaDoll, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Made of synthetic silk, this blindfold has a smooth satin-like finish that feels exquisite on the body and could be used as a sensation play toy all on its own. Imagine closing your eyes and having the sensually smooth extra-long tethers caressing your skin.

      The blindfold part is thickly padded and quilted, with faux leather, so feels soft and comforting against the eyes. The inner wire frame moulds perfectly to the contours of your face, so you can’t see anything and are plunged into a dark sea of velvety blackness. This blindfold works better than any other I have used at creating total darkness while remaining sensually lush and comfortable against the skin. The long silken tethers (54” in length) allow you to tie the blindfold as tightly as needed to keep the blindfold secure.

      Blindfolds are very sexy accessories that allow for sensory play, allowing the wearer to immerse themselves completely by limiting their vision, which in turn fires up their other senses. Suddenly, every noise, touch, or whispered breathe becomes charged with eroticism when your other senses are enhanced and aroused.

      Like all Bettie Page products, this blindfold comes in a lovely storage box, with sexy Bettie Page pin-up art featured on the inside of the cover. Also included are a small collector’s Bettie Page card and a cute, sexy little key chain with Bettie Page on it. Just the packaging itself is gorgeous and makes for a perfect gift.

      The Blindfold would be perfectly partnered with other toys from the collection, like the cuffs, collar and spanking paddle reviewed above. Collect the toys one by one, or surprise your sweety with the entire collection.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Sensual, silky feeling, perfect fit.
      Bottom line
      Gorgeous sensual product. Best blindfold I've ever used!
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    1. Beautiful Blindfold

      Reviewed: 08 January 2015 by Liquidsugar, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was so excited to hear I’d be receiving this item in return for an honest review. I had always swooned over the Bettie Page collection on Lovehoney, so I could not wait for the postie to knock at my door.

      The first thing you notice when you receive this blindfold is the incredible packaging. It is so elegant and classy. Lovehoney, you really have outdone yourself! This blindfold would make a perfect gift.

      Enclosed within the beautiful box is the blindfold itself, a collector’s card, and a key ring. These two extras just add to the luxury this product offers. Bettie Page’s signature takes pride of place on all of the items, reminding you of the world renowned pin-up queen.

      When I first put my hands on this Bettie Page blindfold, I couldn’t have been happier. The satin is soft, smooth, and sleek. The quilted style front is stylish, and Bettie Page’s signature is embroidered on the satin tie, adding a further embellishing detail. The whole thing is impeccably well made.

      Wearing this blindfold is comfortable and easy. The wired eye mask can be moulded to the contours of your cheek and nose perfectly, creating a snug and tailor-made fit. Whilst the wire does take a little adjusting to get this blindfold to sit just right, once you get it right, it really does create a full blackout.

      Unlike many other satin tie blindfolds, this Bettie Page design does not slip out of place whilst you’re wearing it (even with playful wriggling!). The long satin ties mean you can secure it with a full bow, which both creates further style and makes it sit more securely on your face.

      Overall, this Bettie Page blindfold is perfect. The soft fabrics create wonderful sensual feelings whilst you’re wearing it. Not only does it work perfectly at blocking out light, it also looks so stylish you really cannot get a classier eye mask.

      I would recommend this item to everyone. Even though this blindfold is not cheap, it is worth every penny. It is by far the most comfortable, well-made, and stylish blindfold there is. Personally, I cannot wait to continue my Bettie Page collection.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Absolutely everything! The packaging is stunning!
      Bottom line
      The best blindfold I have ever used, highly recommended.
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    1. I’ve Been A Bad Girl

      Reviewed: 04 January 2015 by Scorpius12, a Straight Married Female

      I was so excited to be asked to test the Bettie Page Bad Girl Blackout Blindfold in return for an honest review - thanks, Lovehoney!

      As I’ve mentioned previously, I just have to give a huge Well Done to LH on the actual packaging of the Bettie Page products - the presentation really is first class and screams sophistication and glamour. No expense has been spared on the design of these beautiful products!

      The packaging has an outer sleeve and an inner box, which are sleek, elegant and have a superb retro feel about them. The sleeve is black with a quilted pattern, and taking centre stage is a picture of Bettie Page. On the back of the sleeve is a detailed write-up describing the product itself.

      The inner box is made of material similar to that used to present expensive cut crystal glasses - classy! This is not just packaging, but a presentation box to be kept forever! On opening the inner box you are treated to a velvet feel base onto which sits the blindfold held in by black straps which have ‘Bettie Page’ embroidered into the elastic. Printed into the inside of box lid there are several pictures of Bettie Page in various sexy pin-up shots, laid out like small playing cards. Amazing.

      But this is not all… along with the blindfold, you also receive your very own ‘Exclusive Collector’s Card and Keychain’ - a beautiful additional touch!

      The keychain is so cute and beautifully made, and has a picture of Bettie on the front and her name on the back. You can attach it to your bag or purse and you will be the envy of all your friends. The collector cards are numbered and there are several to collect. Each has Bettie posing on the front, and facts and stats about her on the back.

      Now we move onto the actual blindfold - which is stunning! It is made from soft satin with the Bettie Page logo embroidered on the side. On the inside at the front is a gorgeous faux leather quilted pattern surrounded by a hidden flexible wire frame. The padded part feels so soft on your face - delicious.

      I have experienced several blindfolds, and my usual concerns have been: that light is let in, or it would slip off you face - or just it would be plain uncomfortable. Well I’m very pleased to report - after some serious testing - this is not the case!!

      I’ve found that:-

      1) The Bettie Page Bad Girl blindfold, due to its wire frame, can be is shaped to suit any face. It takes just a couple of moments to perfectly mould it to the contours of your nose, cheeks and eyes for a perfect fit.

      2) This blindfold blocks out light very well indeed! If you ensure that the padded frame is correctly fitted, then no light will come through at all - even if you stand in front of a bright light or window - Perfect!

      3) The Bettie Page Blindfold is extremely comfortable. This is partly due to the perfect fit that it provides, and also down to the very comfortable padded section that sits against your face - which I’ve also found you can give a wipe over without the need to completely wash the whole blindfold.

      This really is the perfect blindfold, and would make a wonderful gift, or an indulgent treat. Trust me, you WON’T be disappointed!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Total blackout, very comfortable, outstanding quality and glamour.
      Absolutely nothing!
      Bottom line
      If you want the perfect blindfold, then this is it!
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