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    1. WandA's review of Zini Deux Luxury Couples Massager Set

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars4 reviews

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      1. Zini Deux Luxury Couples Massager Set

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    1. Product Description

      Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2010, Zini is half for him and half for her. His cradles and cups while hers slopes towards her. With 5 speeds and 10 pattern settings to flirt with, this luxury vibe ensures your erotic ecstasy is shared.

      Zini is an innovation in sexual pleasure with an array of clever functions and indicators to make operation simple, allowing you to focus on the pleasure that is the Zini experience.

      Deux is a multi-functional pair of vibrating massagers designed especially for male and female couples. The smooth egg shape comes apart in two halves, fitting together like a man and a woman. Made from PC ABS, the soft-touch coating is silky to touch and slips across the skin with delightful ease.

      One half of Deux is for him; a soft cradle with a tapered tip that's ideal for cradling the scrotum, tickling the perineum and rolling over the head and down the shaft of the penis. He'll love the waves and pulses of vibration as they travel along his full length and awaken pleasure points that often go uncared for.

      The other half is for her; it slopes to a firm yet smooth ridge that leans into her, stimulating both the inner and outer vagina and awakening every nerve ending with spectacular effect. Directing intense vibrations directly to the clitoris while massaging her inner and outer labia.

      Both halves of Deux operate separately with their own set of controls, giving dual control over the intensity and build-up of your play. The speeds and functions are explained thoroughly in the accompanying manual, with diagrams and words to make learning to use Deux a cinch. There's even a travel lock to ensure that if Deux is charged on the go, it won't utter a word in transit!

      Fully rechargeable, Deux will last you a lifetime with the correct care. Splash-proof for easy cleaning and a storage pouch to help you keep it safe from harm.

      Zini Deux comes with a one year warranty to protect your purchase, making it the perfect gift for a friend or lover.


      Whole unit:

      Circumference: 7.9 inches

      Length: 5.5 inches


      Length: 4.25 inches

      Width: 4 inches


      Length: 5 inches

      Width: 4.1 inches

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Zini Deux Luxury Couples Massager Set 4 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Zini Deux Luxury Couples Massager Set
      2. WandA's review of Zini Deux Luxury Couples Massager Set


        Sorry, sold out!

    1. When Lelo met TENGA (no not a new Disney film)

      Reviewed: 17 August 2010 by WandA, a Straight Engaged Male

      From the dispatch email me and my partner had to wait a whole 20 hours for this wonderful little bundle of buzzing joy to arrive... in the meantime I was left to virtually stroll the information highways for information on this novel little device. I found Lovehoney's description spot on so will attempt to simply not regurgitate it. I also discovered more information from the official Zini site, some of which I will reproduce throughout this review (if Zini promise not to sue).

      Greeted by the package before us we attacked it as any reasonable person would do when confronted with a hugely exciting sex toy in a well packaged box. After much ripping and kerfuffling we reached the outer sleeve (oooooo). A rather simple piece of suave blue packaging that protects the actual box and has lots of little coffee beans on it, OK, not coffee beans but rather Zini Deux silhouettes. A nice touch to keep the white shimmered and black matte box in good condition. To be honest it is the least you expect from such a luxury item and it allows the Zini to make a great gift to a partner. The box has a small magnet in it to keep it sealed, everything inside fits well and the box is made from a stiff card too.

      After opening the box we were greeted with the contents, the two Zini massagers, a carry bag, one charger and the manual.

      The fold up manual was straightforward and easy to follow; it contains specifications of the product, instructions and a warranty card. It also contains some general medical, safety and care advice, one point of which I was unsure about. The manual makes it very clear not to use oil or alcohol on the Zini to avoid damage, which is all very well and good however it makes no mention of avoiding silicone based lubes which appears to be rather crucial to not spoiling the product if it is platinum silicone as the website states. Although I'm aware enough to check these things I feel it might lead to some unhappy faces if indeed it is silicone coated and there is no warning on avoiding silicone lubes, perhaps I am wrong and platinum silicone doesn't suffer from this drawback or it isn't silicone coated, either way I would avoid using a silicone lube.

      As for the included bag, well it does everything it's supposed to. I think it has a nice cross-hatch like square design on it and is very discreet. It is also an ideal fit.

      After the bag and manual were out the way it was time to look at the toy (I couldn't look at that first due to ninja fingers [as from now her new nickname in the bedroom] getting there first!)...

      It's gorgeous! It's purple and fuchsia and rounded and looks great and glows and... Enough of that now, but it is certainly is one sexy piece of kit! It has a light mode to gently cycle though the four different colours which I thought looked great going through red, orange, green and white. This light mode is apparently intended to let you know all the lights work, I just liked that it was pretty but I liked that it had a small practical function built in. The two massagers fit together sleekly so the aesthetics for me were a huge win and also apparently the 'red dot' award judges when it took part in the competition that regularly sees over 12,000 entries (given this, this is probably the closest you will come to a supermodel, even if the plastic contents are nearly identical). My only slight was a hardly visible manufacturing line on the Zini pieces, I only mention because I think it should do without for such a price. The Zini is kept together by magnets in the units which helps keep the cool egg shape.

      While on the topic of quality, it is 98% fantastic. Apart from the manufacturing line I found no other 'niggles' with the product after extensive searching. I suppose I could mention the 'solid man breast' reference in the manual that gave me a chuckle (ha!) but nothing more with the actual product or charger. The toy is really well built, the ABS appears very tough and it has that lovely silky smooth voluptuous silicone skin which I could happily stroke for ages (if I didn't happen to use it when I had my hands close by a lovely silky smooth voluptuous pussy instead). There were also no smells that I could smell from the product upon intense sniffing! Apparently Zini is the market leader in its home nation of South Korea, it is easy to understand why with the Zini Deux and it reminds me of the excellence of that other Asian sex toy amazer in Tenga. Does this justify the hefty price tag? Hmmm, I'll come back to that later.

      Now for the science part

      Before describing the toy during use (don't worry, it won't be badly written erotica... just badly written) I'd like to mention a few other things, mainly some tech specs to get you geeks hot under the collar!

      Each unit weighs only 250g so is a breeze to hold and less than 5 inches in length (forgive me for the car crash that is metric AND Imperial units) and ergonomically designed to sit very comfortably in the palm. The size was great for using one handed and is easy to hold given the shape and silicone coating. It can also buzz all the way up to 160hz! Which sounds good however I have no idea what a 'standard' vibe buzzes at and found research a bit difficult to come by, funny that? It does give a good strong pulse though however both me and my partner felt the male part was stronger than the female part. It claims to be quieter than 49Db which is apparently quieter than an electric toothbrush or fridge. Balls. It is certainly one of the louder vibes we own so I would not suggest for those with thin walls.

      My next point concerns a discrepancy I found, the official Zini site lists the Deux as having Li-ion batteries and the manual as Li-Po. From what I can gather Li-Po are better suited to a long term device like the Zini as they have more recharge cycles. I do think it is probably best to go with what the Manuel says and accept it is Li-Po as it may have been more recently updated. The battery is stated as 420mAh which is comparable to some Sony Cybershot cameras and the 4th gen iPod nano and I am unsure about replacing it (not that it should need it really). I shall mention more on the battery at the end on the Zini's one big failing...

      This is where I FINALLY discuss all the funky functions and the yummy uses!

      The Zini Deux has 10 different functions all controlled via 3 simple buttons. A +,o and - button. Constant, EMS surge, Triangle, EMS burst, balance, Sawtooth, Vector, Quadrila, Rectangle, Random. All of these functions can be adjusted to 5 speeds and it has a travel lock. Ooooo did I love the random pulse on the 3rd speed!

      The buttons are great for the visually impaired due to the glow and easy to operate. The Deux is also splashproof which does NOT mean waterproof as stated on their website and it is super easy to clean without too many nooks to catch nasties.

      Given the nature of the shape and how bits need to match up it can require some practice to find the right spots and it may be that one unit is better suited than the other at its function. The female part is pretty simple, the nub sits on the clit and the concave shape hugs the labia and stimulates them. The nub point is rather useful if you feel like flipping it round and stimulating the vaginal entrance or anus. This however is not my speciality, for I have a penis.

      I can assist you by telling you just how bloody great this felt all over me! The shape is quite an odd shape but really versatile. It sits easily on the perineum (like a bike seat!) with the point pressing hard on the inner shaft sending vibes all the way up the cock. The male part can also be used on the anus or vagina to provide a great cupping of female or male parts. What turned out to be my personal favourite was lying on my back and pressing the cupping bit over one testicle while pressing the point over my shaft, it has to be done rather lopsidedly and both balls cannot be stimulated to the same extent but by jolly it was excellent! Having one of my testicles encased in the random pulsations of the Deux while my shaft vibrated up to her lips is very much top of my list to do with the Zini.

      I also found it felt great masturbating; the Zini can cradle the tip of my cock from 3 sides and vibrate down my shaft to my balls. Getting more erect from the stimulation only serves to make it better. I know there are not many male toys actively aim to use exclusively vibrations to get you off but I found it refreshing and effective to have a male toy designed to stimulate me with vibrations even if I do generally prefer the stroking motion. It is novel but never the less very enjoyable.

      As a couples toy I think it's a great idea, apparently based on yin/yang and harmony and all that jazz. Ignoring the jazz I think it might have a slight problem in getting parts to fit together that are idea for both gender parts, I fear the lady part might not be as effective as the male part, in part due to the difficulty in trying to find balance and compromise. It does also have the added bonus as being a great tool to demystify potentially scary vibes for partners, both male and female. The sex toy doesn't become a replacement, it becomes what it usually is and that is an aid in the bedroom that both partners can enjoy. Unless of course you're not a hetero couple then your f**ked and I really wouldn't recommend. It does also make a great massager when not used on the genitals (even if it was my favourite place).

      Another point to consider before my final section about the ABS plastic it is made from. It is a very hard plastic and this is what I believe makes the toy so noisy. Putting the together switched on is quite deafening. Don't do it (you will now I've said that won't you?).

      On to my final point. Why did you have to do it Zini? Why did you spoil what we had, it was going so well...

      Why Zini do you insist on providing one charger to a product with two units likely used together with two charging sockets? I know you had the cheesy slogan '1+1=1' but we both know that's not literally true is it? It really wouldn't have been too difficult to create some form of splitter/dock/stand or contacts like an electric razor between them for simultaneous charging. You then make it worse by ensuring you cannot use the Zini while it charges! You have upset me Zini... At least a 2 hr charge gets you 4 hrs of use apparently and the unit connects well to the charger...

      Shout out to Lovehoney for providing a free adaptor for use in Blighty too!

      Wow... Still with me? You have done well, Congratulations. Buy yourself a Zini!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Quality. Design. Presentation. Power. Functions. Concept. Long battery life. Bag. Glowing lights. Smoothness. RaNDomNeSs function!
      Poorly thought out charging. Noise.
      Bottom line
      Great. Think somewhere between Lelo and Tenga. *Thumbs up*
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