1. Rascal Strapping Glass and Silicone Large Anal Beads

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      1. Rascal Strapping Glass and Silicone Large Anal Beads

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    1. Product Description

      Made of hand-blown solid glass and secure silicone strapping, this set of large anal beads is ideal for advanced anal players. The smooth finish and extra weight creates some incredible internal sensations and allows for easy insertion too.

      These perfectly spherical glass balls are held together with smooth silicone which extends from the tip to the looped pull ring.

      When used with a little water-based lubricant, these love balls become incredibly slick and easy to insert.

      Each of the five balls measures 1.75" in diameter, creating a superb filling feeling the second you slip them in.

      Durable, non-porous, latex free and phthalate free - is there anything these sensual anal beads can't do?

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      1. Rascal Strapping Glass and Silicone Large Anal Beads
      2. Rascal Strapping Glass and Silicone Large Anal Beads

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    1. OMG

      Reviewed: 30 September 2011 by Kitsunetv

      Okay, so I bought these thinking, "Pfft, they might be big, but it's the same diameter as the widest part of my glass plug..."


      While I was right, I was not expecting the daunting feeling as I opened them and felt their awesome weight and realised just how big they really were.

      Now, I'm not a stranger to anal sex, but I am by no means a "take anything up there" person and these beads really made me sweat as I was inserting them. Managed 2 after a struggle. The first just didn't want to go in lol, but as soon as number two went in my ass felt satisfied and I was far too horny :P

      Seriously, if you love anal and adore glass toys (I do!!!) then these are awesome. Fantastic design and durable silicone (none of the fear of tearing or splitting like some toys I've had), plus you really have to feel the weight and see the size of these monsters!

      Oh! And buy lube... Lots and lots of lube... Really... Don't ignore me, you'll regret it!

      =^.^= Kit x

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything... 'Nuff said.
      Absolutely nothing.
      Bottom line
      Huge, heavy and perfect.
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    1. Best anal beads going!

      Reviewed: 01 July 2010 by cjp1012

      I really wanted some big anal beads and when these arrived I wasn't disappointed. The glass balls are a great size and the length is incredible. When I first tried them, though, I was unable to get them in. They are very heavy and you don’t have enough hands when trying to insert them on your own. They just wouldn’t go in. I was very annoyed and beginning to think I'd just wasted £40!

      One afternoon I was using my inflatable butt plug, seeing how far I could stretch my hole, and when I took it out I thought, I bet they will fit now! So I grabbed them, applied loads of lube and started to push them in. The first one was quite difficult because, like I said, they can be quite heavy, but once the first one went in the feeling was incredible. I kept pushing them in slowly until I couldn't get any more in. I managed 4 but am determined to get all 5 in! Pulling them out is the most amazing feeling I've ever experienced. Just make sure you use enough lube otherwise it can be quite uncomfortable.

      If you're looking for bigger anal beads, these are the best. The glass balls are very easy to clean and they are very filling once a few are inserted! Amazing!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Size; length; the glass is very easy to clean.
      A bit expensive but they are really worth it.
      Bottom line
      If you want bigger anal beads you have to get these. Incredible!
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    1. Strap yourself in

      Reviewed: 05 April 2012 by acoupleofwankers

      He Says:

      Most anal beads are fairly delicate little things and although fairly long (which can cause difficulty if they are fairly rigid) are not normally too wide. However, the Rascal Strapping Anal Beads could not by any stretch of the imagination be described as delicate. I would perhaps venture "hefty" as a better one-word description. Robust would probably also fit the bill.

      These anal beads comprise 5 glass spheres, each 14.9 cm around, encased in a thick silicone webbing. This webbing is pretty inelastic, and seems tough enough to support the weight of the beads in use. The whole toy is 32 cm long from the 1st bead to the last, and weighs in at a whopping half a kilo (I can certainly vouch for this as I bought these in Amsterdam whilst backpacking through Europe, and had to subsequently lug them around for some time)!

      As I have spoken about before, anal beads are tricky to insert compared with other toys of comparable width, due to both the shape, and the lack of shaft to grip. Coupled with the hardness of these beads I would only recommend buying them if you can take a dildo or plug of at least 1/2 inch greater diameter.

      But if you feel up to the challenge then these beads are well worth the effort. Normally I can insert 3 or possibly 4 of these. But on several occasions I have managed all 5 (somehow) and the full-up feeling is fabulous. When inserting them they are fairly savagely sucked in once you get past the point of maximum width. And they feel similarly delicious when being removed. These are both sensations familiar from standard anal bead play. But the size and fact they are made of glass add another interesting dimension to using these.

      Normally when anal beads are inserted, they don't really provide much stimulation. However, these provide an internal pressure, and if you insert them and then stand up a brilliant feeling of weighing down. Just giving the handle a bit of a tug can make my eyes roll with pleasure. Removing them at the point of orgasm is just amazing (but you will have to be fairly strong)!

      The Rascal Strapping Anal Beads are certainly not a beginner's toy. But they really do feel different to any other toy I have tried, in a manner which is quite tricky to explain. They are intense both when being played with actively, but also act like an incredibly weighty butt plug, and I would definitely recommend them highly.

      She Says:

      Well, as you can imagine, I don't have much use for these anal beads, so it's going to be short and sweet from me. From a quality point of view these beads are fantastic, a combination of two of our favourite sex toy materials - silicone and glass. The silicone is reasonably rigid which so we don't have the same problems as with the x10 silicone anal beads. Both materials are easy to clean individually, but you might be asking how easy they are to clean together in this toy. It does take a little bit of an extra effort, but the silicone strapping can be moved slightly away from the glass and you can clean underneath thoroughly - finish this off with a boil in a pan for 3-5 minutes if you want to sterilise them. As they're not a toy that's used on a day-to-day basis, the little extra effort you have to go to whilst cleaning them is not really an issue.

      Another thing I'd like to say is that you shouldn't be worried about one of the glass beads coming loose and getting lost inside you, they're very securely held by the silicone strapping.

      Overall, as Alex has said, certainly not one for beginners - but in my opinion a very aesthetically pleasing toy which certainly gives Alex a lot of pleasure.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Big but(t!) fun.
      Not a lot (possibly too long).
      Bottom line
      A serious challenge!
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    1. Anal Beads - Wow and only managed 4/5

      Reviewed: 01 January 2011 by uniqueIdentifier, a Straight Married Male

      Firstly, this thing is very large. Yes, it says 15.25" in the description but take a tape measure and see what that actually means! Somehow, I'd overlooked this - but as I wanted larger balls and like a challenge, this wasn't a problem, and it looks kind of dirty hooked over a thumb and trailing all the way down the forearm, almost to the elbow.

      The case comically says 'best enjoyed with lube' - haha, no kidding, but once lubed up, insertion is easy - although so far I've not managed the full 5 balls. Probably it's a position thing, but I'll keep persevering.

      The whole thing feels sturdy, and when in place, a gently tug is quite stimulating. Pulling the whole lot out in one even more so :-)

      Remains to be seen how much long term interest it holds, but certainly fun practicing. Any chance of one with even larger diameters?

      Not sure the orgasm rating below is really helpful as it's part of longer session.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Size, weight, build quality.
      Quite expensive, but worth it.
      Bottom line
      Quality (as long as the silicone lasts), solid product. Nice (large) size. Would recommend.
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