1. Adonis Textured 2 Extra Inch Penis Extender

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      1. Adonis Textured 2 Extra Inch Penis Extender

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    1. Product Description

      Upgrade your big boy into a mighty titan with the Adonis penis extender, and discover the extreme pounding power enabled by 2 extra inches. Soft, stretchy and externally textured, this sleeve slips over your penis for added length, girth and stimulation.

      Accentuating your penis head with its bulbous tip to give your lover that filling feeling from the off, the sleeve then graduates into a series of super-stimulating external nodules and bumps. It gets even better when the internal textures are brought into the mix - meaning both partners benefit from enhanced sensations during sex.

      Use with a good squeeze of water-based lube to maximise your shared pleasure.

      Key Features:

      • Stretchy penis extender with stimulating nodules and ridges on the inside and outside for increased sensation during sex
      • Adds up to 2 inches in length and 1 inch of extra girth
      • Realistic shaped head for lifelike appearance and feel
      • Designed to fit most men
      • Easy to wear, easy to clean

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      Adonis Textured 2 Extra Inch Penis Extender 81 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Adonis Textured 2 Extra Inch Penis Extender
      2. Adonis Textured 2 Extra Inch Penis Extender

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    1. A bit disappointed to be honest

      Reviewed: 05 September 2018 by AntfromNotts, a Straight Married Male

      I'm a huge fan of penis extenders (and so is my OH), so I thought id give this a look as it may offer something different to what I have.

      The size was a lot smaller than I anticipated, but that's my own fault for not checking. It was quite soft and floppy and very different to what I already own (3' extenders and 3' extra girth), so I decided to not even bother with it.

      I'm sure it will be perfect for some, but it's clear my wife prefers size and girth and this didn't offer anything near.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft and not very big.
      Bottom line
      Not for me.
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    1. Changed Everything

      Reviewed: 28 June 2018 by sugargirl83

      OMG. Holy Crap... This thing is amazing!

      My hubby is only 5 inches and I needed bigger after 9 years, despite being a virgin when we got married.

      I have never had a vaginal orgasm and sex started to become boring. I bought this and wasn't even sure he would wear it. I came 6 times with him wearing this thing, and 2 of those were just vaginal orgasms!

      He came too and he loves that it acts like a condom...tight enough to keep things in, no leakage. He says he can still feel me, and because of me moaning and getting off so much, he was extremely turned on. We won't have sex now without this thing, and God I am horny just thinking about it!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Feels amazing, hot sex, adds length and girth, makes me cum, smooth and well-made
      Nothing, just needs some lube the first time!
      Bottom line
      Amazing. AAAAA+++++++.
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    1. Nice little add-on for couples

      Reviewed: 03 June 2018 by Tony@jemma, a Straight Married Male

      This was definitely a hit with me and my GF! Easy for me to put on and helped me last a bit longer. For her, didn't feel unnatural, great ribbing and warm rather than a cold rubber toy!

      Very easy to keep clean and easy to store. Nice and clean looking, hasn't tainted in colour or odour.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Smooth, flexible and not abrasive.
      Nothing to dislike.
      Bottom line
      10/10, good value for money and would repurchase.
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    1. Great for him and her

      Reviewed: 04 January 2018 by Pillock, a Straight Married Male

      This toy is great, my wife particularly enjoys it. For me though, it's great to see the look on her face as I'm using it and to hear that she's appreciating the extra girth, length and texture!

      It's really easy to put on, adds a new element to your foreplay. So long as there's no air bubble in the end, you'll have no problems. The resultant vacuum also feels good, plus the dimple in the end of this sits just right on your urethra and feels different. Ejaculating also feels a little different as the pressure works against the inside of your new Adonis toy, but it's all enjoyable. The best bit about this though really is seeing just how much my wife is enjoying the experience!

      Some other comments on here suggest piercing a hole somewhere to let the air out, but I suggest this is likely to lose the vacuum needed to help it stay on when you're hard at work in your partner's vagina - find some other way to get the air out! Poke your finger along to create a path and squeeze to get it gone, when withdrawing the finger. Some of the thinner sleeves could be put on your penis in the same way as a condom but this one is too magnificent for any of that business.

      I don't know whether it can be used as contraception, it's fair to say though that the condom manufacturers do all that research making rubbers thinner and thinner, but they should make them thick like this for her pleasure and ultimately make you last longer - never a bad thing!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything! Spiced up sexy time.
      There's nothing to dislike.
      Bottom line
      Give it a try.
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    1. She loved it

      Reviewed: 28 October 2016 by 4play7377

      Well, first time with it in the bedroom and first with any kind of outside assistance.

      She loved it. I'm 5.5 in and this gave me the little extra to see what it would be like. She loved it. Stayed on no problem and I'm looking forward to using it again.

      I reached orgasm while wearing it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Comfort and her pleasure.
      Bottom line
      Well worth it and not intimidating. Perfect.
    3. 1 person found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes