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  1. Play Box Play Box Sex Toy Susbcription

    Play Box Reviews

    Read customer reviews of Lovehoney's Play Box Sex Toy Subscription.

    Amazing product, well worth the money

    Review by Rabbit21

    I think the Play Box is a brilliant idea to spice things up in the bedroom. 

    Me and my partner are relatively new to sex toys and started using Lovehoney a few months ago. When we got our first sex toys from here it was amazing. I had to sign up for the Play Box.

    When our first box arrived it was discreet as always and packed well. We took it all out and tested everything. It was all fine. Now we use it all in the bedroom and sex has never been better.

    All the toys and accessories work well together. The rabbit is excellent and so is the cock ring. If you want a great sex life definitely sign up for this. It's great for couples and me and my partner have never been closer.



    Bottom line
    Absolutely excellent.


    Great surprise

    Review by KP849

    My wife saw the Play box online when it first came out and subscribed straight away.

    We were excited to receive it because we didn't know what was in it and wanted some new toys.

    It came with a pink rabbit for her, a cock ring for me and few other bits and bobs.

    The rabbit alone is worth around the same as the box itself, so the Play Box is well worth the money. And keeps the excitement by being a surprise every 3 months to spice up your sex life, possibly giving you toys that you would never have bought before.

    I like that it's a surprise every time you receive a box.


    Bottom line
    The value for money and the surprise when opening, it is great.


    Sexy anticipation

    Review by Charl.

    My husband and I decided to subscribe to the Play Box as we wanted some new toys but didn't quite know what we wanted. So we decided getting the Play Box delivered every 3 months would be the sexy anticipation we needed. We were talking about what may be in the box before it arrived, which made it even more exciting! 

    The postman delivered it without knowing what was inside, and neither did we! We opened it together and were excited to try everything out, with all the items being greater in value then the £50 fee.

    You get a mixture of toys suitable for males and females. The toys are excellent quality and feel luxurious. The box it was delivered in turns inside out to become a cute pink box to store the items in.

    We can't wait for the next box to be delivered and to try out all the toys that will come. I will try to wait till my husband is home to open the box, but I can't promise! 

    Subscriptions have never been so sexy!

    I love the surprise.


    Bottom line
    A sexy surprise everyone needs!


    Nice little surprise

    Review by T&J

    We were both full of anticipation for the arrival of this little box.

    When the postie delivered it she had no idea she would be making our day.

    We opened it and as promised the inside of the box was lovely. The goodies were fantastic value for money.

    Thoroughly enjoyable.

    Everything in there was brilliant quality and a lovely variety.

    In the words of my partner "ooh my Shoes will wit in that box!"

    Nice variety, fab quality.

    A bit too pink!

    Bottom line
    Orgasm central



    Review by Lovebirds_x

    Absolutely thrilled with the products in the first box. The items are all top quality. The overall selection is well thought out with lots of options to mix and match for solo or couple play, and every item went down a treat with both of us. There is more than enough in there to keep you both playing till the next box, along with a leaflet full of helpful tips and ideas if you run out of inspiration.

    I won't tell you what exactly was in there as I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I will say the toys we got are silicone and batteries are included where needed so (assuming you already have your lube of choice to hand) you’re all set to go right out of the box.

    We both feel the box offers fantastic value considering one item alone had an RRP that matched the box price!

    As always the delivery was super quick, packaging discreet, and items well packed and beautifully presented. It's a real treat to sit down and open up this up as a couple. All things considered we would definitely recommend this box. It seems like it's going to be a great way to build a quality toy box at a bargain price. :)

    Fantastic selection, plenty of pleasure for both partners, everything great quality/fun to use together.


    Bottom line
    A great way to build a collection of quality toys that work well together.


    My favourite subscription ever!

    Review by RosyCheek

    Lovehoney is by far THE most fabulous place for sex toys ever. Not only do they offer a vast range of items they now have the Play Box.

    The subscription service is outstanding. In super fast delivery service, you receive a very boring brown box. The postie won't know what's inside, Nelly the nosey next door neighbour won't know what's inside, and best of all YOU won't know what's inside! Now me, I know what the boring brown box contains, but I'm not telling. I don't want to spoil the surprise.

    I can tell you, from a box-nerd point of view, the box is sturdy yet easy to open. It is so well packaged. It's not going to get damaged. Not just that but on opening it looks beautiful. This is a high-end parcel of utter joy!

    There are several items in the Play Box, each will give you hours, weeks, months, a lifetime of pleasure in fact! These aren't basic items, these are top quality luxury items. I am by no means new to sex toys. I have quite a collection from starter items to top of the range. I was not disappointed. Each item is made to the highest quality. This of course is standard for Lovehoney. Everything is included to get started, there will be no fumbling around trying to find batteries. If you are a complete beginner and this is your first every sex toy purchase, there is even a tasteful booklet of tips and tricks to get the most out of your new purchase. As much as I love sex and sex toys, I cannot stand smut. This booklet is a godsend for those like me.

    Myself and my husband had a great time with the Play Box. There was something for each of us, so no one was left out. The items are kept close by to use whenever we fancy. With quality as high as this we use them often.

    I cannot express my love for this enough. I wish it had been available when we were testing the waters three years ago with sex toys. The value for money is fantastic. One item is pretty much worth the full cost of the box!

    Overall I highly recommend this to anyone! Massive thumbs up to Lovehoney.

    The variety, quality and glorious packaging.

    Nothing at all.

    Bottom line
    The best subscription service


    The best and only subscription you will ever need

    Review by LIL_KNOWN69

    As a couple who use an extensive range of toys, we are always intrigued by new ideas and Lovehoney have always pushed the boundaries for us. It helped us as a couple grow together and after many years it breathed new life into our relationship, which has been incredible.

    The Play Box takes a new spin on things. You pay a subscription and then a box of toys is delivered. It’s a simple premise, but the mystery of what you're going to get is part of the fun. The only thing you know is you will end up with at least £100 worth of products in every box! So, this is an absolute steal. Our first box we received had 5 items inside, and the items are varied and give you both a night you won’t forget.

    The box came quickly and discreetly. This is excellent if you don’t live alone or get the items delivered to another address such as work. Inside the box it was lined with hearts and was really colour and playful. We loved this design and wish the usual Lovehoney boxes were the same. But I believe this adds a little something special to the Play Box.

    Inside we were greeted with all the toys and tools for a very naughty night in. We absolutely loved the Play Box and think this is the next innovative step for Lovehoney. We are huge fans and can’t wait to receive another!

    Perfect for couples who want to experiment, beautifully boxed and excellent range of toys.

    Nothing to dislike, can’t wait for the next one.

    Bottom line
    The best subscription service on the web. Perfect for beginners and well experienced toy users.


    Play Box is a winner for me

    Review by Covered in bees

    I received the first Lovehoney Play Box for free in exchange for my honest review.

    I'm a big fan of subscription boxes - as well as being a big fan of Lovehoney! - so I was very interested in trying this new offering. I was previously a subscriber to Lovehoney's 'Year of Orgasms' toy-a-month subscription service, which I enjoyed, but I think this new Play Box exceeds the previous scheme.

    Having several items in the Play Box makes it more likely to offer something new and enjoyable to all subscribers each time, and provides scope for using several items in the box in combination for more versatile play.

    I feel that the items in this first box have been chosen really carefully to provide an enjoyable box for most people. Without giving away what is included (the surprise is part of the fun, after all!), there is a toy designed primarily for people with a vagina as well as one designed primarily for those with a penis, although both of these items could be enjoyed by anyone if they exercised a little bit of creativity.

    The toys could also be used quite happily between couples or for solo play. In addition, there are three accessory-type items in the box, all of which definitely add play value and fun. The items all work very well together as a selection. It's apparent that Lovehoney have thought hard about this, and they've done a great job in choosing the items.

    Again, I don't want to give too much away about what the items in the box actually are, but I can say that they have a high-quality feel and I would certainly describe the box as being great value for money.

    The star item included is a quality, rechargeable toy which has become one of my personal favourites and has brought a lot of fun! It's a type of toy which hasn't always worked for me in the past, but this version has been amazing and opened my eyes to the possibilities of this type of item.

    I also feel the packaging of the Play Box is worth mentioning briefly. Given the nature of the contents, discretion is likely to be important to many customers, and you can rest assured that the box is totally discreet externally. However, it is beautifully presented on the inside, with little details that make it feel a real treat to open. I particularly loved the booklet that is included as it gives a really comprehensive guide to the box, the individual items inside, and tips for getting the most out of your new box of fun.

    Overall this is a great little subscription box that I would be glad to subscribe to myself, and I'd certainly recommend it to others looking for a subscription service that provides a bit of sexy fun and excitement.

    I would perhaps say it is best geared towards those who are more on the beginner side to using toys to enhance their sex lives, but that said I have enjoyed this box tremendously and I have drawers full of toys already! Top marks, Lovehoney: I can't wait to see what's in the next box.

    The surprise! Plus: quality items, well-chosen to use together, and packaged a treat.

    I genuinely can’t think of anything I didn’t like about it!

    Bottom line
    If you like surprises and sexy fun, this is for you! Well worth subscribing to.


    Sex box well worth the money

    Review by N&A:passion

    I joined LH as I figured it would be nice for me, the man, to surprise my partner with my own ideas and order gifts for our love life!

    Most items in the Play box are fabulous. The G-spot rabbit is great fun with amazing results. It was so hot to add to our passionate foreplay with me in control of the items while she was blindfolded with the blindfold that came included - which was also great quality.

    The cock ring was great too. The bullet that comes out if it was fab, also so powerful. My only downside was the cock ring was too tight for me, difficult to put on and uncomfortable at times, but as a first ring I will invest in a better fit! The card's are too soft for me but I can imagine for couples who have been a bit bland, they may help them out!

    The lockable bag was great quality as well, and the detailed booklet that came with was very good! Can’t complain and the quality of the box is well worth the cost, so yes I’m very happy with my purchase. Thank you, Lovehoney!

    Fun mixed items.

    Cock ring too small for me.

    Bottom line
    Bargain for what you get!