Clone-A-Willy Neon Purple Silicone Refill

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  • Refill of neon purple silicone for Clone-A-Willy kits
  • Used to create the actual willy (not the mould)
  • Use with your existing cast to create another willy
  • Can also be used by well-endowed men to provide full coverage
  • Features instructions from step 5-7 of the clone process

Rejoice and reload! If your cloned, flexible friend is looking lonely, or your first attempt went awry, revive and renew with this liquid silicone refill for take 2, 3, 4 or 5... Contains two tubs of mixable liquid silicone.

For the well-endowed man, this additional silicone will entirely fill your willy mould to ensure full-length, neon immortalisation.

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