Pillow Talk An Intimate Game for Couples

  • Intimate 'Pillow Talk' game for two (or more)
  • Full deck of 52 glossy cards and one Joker 'Wild Card'
  • Each card features an 'Intimate Question' and an 'Intimate Forfeit'
  • Move through the pack, choosing a question or forfeit to learn more about your partner
  • Travel-friendly and perfect for romantic breaks

Figure out what makes your lover hot under the collar with this easy-to-play couples' game. Move through the deck, picking one card at a time and ask your partner to choose an 'Intimate Question' or 'Intimate Forfeit'. Just like kinky truth or dare.

A full 52 card deck, each card features an 'Intimate Question' and an 'Intimate Forfeit', with an extra 'Wild Card' (Joker) for 'anything goes' exploration. Move through the pack, one card at a time, selecting a question or forfeit each time.

Whether you select just a couple of cards to set the mood, or fancy the challenge of working through the entire pack, this simple game is a great way to discover new ways to turn your partner on. Who knows, you might just learn something about yourself too!

Example Intimate Question: "What is your favourite form of foreplay?" or "Do you ever masturbate"

Example Intimate Forfeit: "Describe where you think the G-spot can be found" or "Tie me up and spend 10 minutes doing whatever you like to me"

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