1. New look

    Lovehoney's Changed!

    You've noticed - we've got a new logo (with a small 'h') and a new tagline to go with it... 'the sexual happiness people'.

    So what does this mean?

    For years people have told us how friendly, helpful and open they find Lovehoney. Most importantly, people tell us how beneficial Lovehoney has been to their sex lives and all-round happiness.

    We listened and we're making gradual changes so Lovehoney can help more people enjoy a better sex life. This means more advice and more (and even better!) Lovehoney toys and gifts in lovelier than ever packaging.

    We are the sexual happiness people

    We’re proud to help make a fun, fulfilling sex life available to everyone. Whether you’ve been enjoying sex toys for years or are choosing your first, there’s always something new to discover at Lovehoney.

    Lovehoney is committed to delivering the highest level of advice and best customer care, so when you shop with us you can be totally confident about your purchase.

    the extra inch