• Returning an Item to Lovehoney

    If you want to return an item to Lovehoney, please complete this form. It will help us process your returned item much quicker.

    When you have submitted your details, we will give you a link to print a pre-paid postage label.

    Check the batteries first :-)
    If your vibrator won't start, make sure you have inserted the batteries correctly. If you're not sure, try them the other way around and in every combination, just in case. If you're still having problems, find the product on Lovehoney and check for any special instructions. Do not use rechargeable batteries.

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    1. It will have 7 digits. Don't worry if you don't know it.
    2. If you are exchanging a product, please enter the name or code of the alternative item that you would like.

    3. We need to ask you a question to prove you're a human because evil spam computers keep abusing our form!

    4. Type your answer in the box.

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