1. Lovehoney Rewards loyalty programme
    2. Lovehoney Rewards loyalty programme

    Lovehoney Rewards FAQs

    Welcome to Lovehoney Rewards, our new and improved loyalty programme that offers you even more ways to save on your sexy shopping.

    You still earn Points whenever you make a purchase at Lovehoney, but now you can also enjoy loads of Perks such as Birthday and Anniversary discounts, exclusive offers and money-off vouchers.

    The Perks get better the higher the Level you're in. More on Levels and Perks below.

    You can still spend your Points at the checkout on anything.

    Here are the answers to some questions that explain what's changed, and what's stayed the same.

    When is Lovehoney Rewards being introduced?

    It's live as of 9th August 2017, but only on lovehoney.co.uk - for now.

    Customers on other Lovehoney websites will enjoy the same benefits very soon - and the Oh! Points programme continues on those sites in the meantime.

    What's happening to my old Oh! Points?

    All your existing Oh! Points have been transferred to the new programme, so you don't lose any. They're now called just Points.

    What's different about the new scheme?

    In terms of Points, nothing.
    New points will still be added to your account when your order is despatched.
    You will still collect 10 Points for every £1 you spend.

    What is new are Levels and Perks...

    What are Levels and Perks?

    When you sign up you'll automatically enter Lovehoney Rewards Level 1, where you'll enjoy some fantastic Perks. As you earn more Points you'll move up to new Levels.

    The higher the Level, the more fantastic the Perks. Take a look:

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    2. Lovehoney Rewards loyalty programme

    The Level you're in corresponds to the total Points you've earned on purchases only in the past 365 days, not your current Points balance.

    Points for events such as opening an account or leaving a product review do not contribute to the Level you are in.

    You can keep spending as many Points as you like against your Lovehoney orders without dropping down a Level.

    Is there a minimum spend before I can use Points?

    You can pay for your whole order with Points if you have collected enough. You can pay for part of your order with Points but the minimum cash amount we can charge to a card is £2.50 so in some circumstances you might not be able to use as many points as you want.

    What's the minimum number of Points I can use per transaction?

    The minimum number of Points you can use on a transaction is 500 points. At checkout the default option is to use as many points as possible. You can spend points in chunks of 250.
    There is no upper limit on the number of points you can spend in a transaction.

    What happens if I return an item that is fully/partially paid for with Points?

    You will be refunded the money and the Points that you used to pay for the item.

    Will we still be able to earn Points in other ways? (e.g. Review of the Month)

    Yes, we'll continue to award Points for lots of exciting stuff.

    Can I use my Points alongside discounts/offers/sale items?

    Absolutely. You will still earn 10 points per £1 spent and you will be able to spend your points against sale items.

    How will the changes affect delivery charges? Can I pay for delivery with my Points?

    The changes do not affect delivery charges. You use your Points against your whole order total including delivery.

    How long do Points stay on my account?

    Points stay in your account for 12 months from the last time you earned or spent points. If you don't buy anything or use any points in the 12 month period they will no longer exist on your account.

    Can I use my Points to purchase a gift voucher?

    No - you cannot use Points to buy a gift voucher.

    Do I earn Points when using a gift voucher to pay for an order?


    Do I still earn Points for products which I paid for with Points?

    No. You only earn points on the amount of your order that you pay for with real money or a gift voucher.