1. Lovehoney Forum FAQ

    The Lovehoney Forum provides a safe place to discuss sex and sex toys in fun, adult environment with other like-minded people.

    Who can post messages?

    Anyone can read the forums, but only Lovehoney members can post messages.

    Please take a few minutes to browse the different forums so you can find the most relevant discussion board for your message.

    What are the forum posting rules?

    Please read the forum rules before posting.

    The Lovehoney Community is a friendly forum for adults to discuss sex and sex toys with like-minded adults. Messages are posted immediately to the forums, which are moderated by Lovehoney staff. Discussion topics can be explicit, but offensive messages will be removed.

    How do I post a message?

    Scroll down to the bottom of the thread that you would like to reply to and use the text editor to write your reply.

    You can start a new thread by going to the home page of the board that you want to post on.

    How do I use the message editor?

    The Lovehoney forums use FCKeditor, which lets you write and style up your messages using basic features that you'd find in a word processor.

    You can quote previous posts, use bold and italics, and enter smilies.

    You can read complete instructions on how to use FCKeditor here.

    How do I search the Lovehoney Forum?

    At the top of the page, in the centre, beneath all the product categories is the search box. If you type what you want to search for in there, whilst in the forums, it will give you all the relevant forum links.

    If ever the search feature isn't working well, try the good old google method. It can be more complex in search terms to return more specific results. Copy and paste the following into Google, but change the "search" in quotation marks to whatever you want to search for:

    site:www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/ "search"

    This will only show results from the Lovehoney Forum.

    How do I report a post?

    The 'Report this post' button can be used by forum members to alert the moderators to posts or threads that break the rules. It can be found at the top right side of every post (see picture below). The mod gods can also be contacted via email.

    Who are the forum moderators?

    The forums are moderated (gently) by members of the Lovehoney team. You'll see us posting in the forms, too - all our usernames start with the word "Lovehoney".