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  1. Choose Your Delivery Day

    Get your order when you want it! Select Choose Your Delivery Day at checkout and have your order delivered to any UK address on any specific day in the next 6 weeks apart from Bank Holidays.

    We want to make shopping at Lovehoney as convenient as possible.

    We know it can be a pain to have an order delivered when you're out, so now you can Choose Your Delivery Day!

    How to Choose Your Delivery Day

    When you checkout, you will be shown the delivery options.

    The bottom one is Choose Your Delivery Day.

    Choose the day you would like your order to be delivered from the drop-down menu.

    You can choose any specific day in the next 6 weeks, apart from Bank Holidays.

    Choose Your Delivery Day is only available for addresses in the United Kingdom.

    There is a charge for Choose Your Delivery Day.