1. Erotic Writing Help

      We're looking for original works of erotica that are imaginative, titillating and well-written.  Sexual energy can be a difficult thing to translate into the written word, and there are plenty of pitfalls along the way. Remember, you don't have to have prior writing experience, just immerse yourself in the world of erotica, write about what turns you on, don't forget the details and have fun. 

      Tips for writing your Erotic Story Competition entry

      We want you to be imaginative and original, but we don't want stories written in the style of top-shelf letters, full of sopping cracks and throbbing pistons of love - in fact we'd rather you kept the euphemisms to a minimum and called a cock a cock.

      It's best not to write endless descriptions of engorged genitals either - what's happening in a character's mind is at least as interesting as what's happening to their body.

      And while we want you to keep the tone relatively light - there's no place in these stories for illegal sex acts (and we'd like all participants to be consensual and over 18) or autobiographical tales of woe - be warned that out-and-out jokiness rarely works in erotica's favour either.

      Think about what arouses you, whether it involves experiences you've had in your private life or stories or films that have packed a sexual charge - regardless of whether or not they had any overt erotic content - and take it from there.

      Remember that it's useful to have dramatic tension in your story to drive the narrative on and that narrating your story from a single viewpoint helps both you and the reader to identify with your protagonist more clearly.

      As far as style goes, keep it simple rather than flowery, and make sure you follow standard spelling and punctuation: if in doubt check a dictionary or guide to English usage.

      Erotic writing tips on the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club

      Keep an eye on the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club site for erotic writing tips, author interviews and excerpts from recently published erotic books. It's a great source of advice and inspiration.

      More tips from erotic publishers

      For more tips on writing erotica, the Black Lace and Nexus guidelines provide some handy hints, while there are plenty of other writers' resources on the Erotica Readers website - check out the publishers guidelines page. It's also worth bearing in mind that to write good, arousing sex stories, you'll need to read a few too.

      Check out Black Lace Wicked Words collections like Sex in Uniform or Xcite's bestselling Seriously Sexy stories, or for full-length reads try Cheryl Mildenhall's erotic holiday classic The Devil And the Deep Blue Sea or Janine Abless' extraordinary collection of erotic fairytales Cruel Enchantment.

      Meet other erotic writers

      The Lovehoney Erotic Book Club discussion boards are alive with erotic story writers who are sharing their stories and tips for writing erotic stories.