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    1. Meet the Previous Winners

      Sue Ehret, Sam Bickerdike and A. Waite were the talented winners of our 2015 Design a Sex Toy Competition, with a male masturbator, an app-controlled vibrator and an adult onesie in the repertoire of their new and exciting designs.

      You may also be familiar with a guy named Trevor Murphy who invented the Sqweel, a revolutionary oral sex simulator. Need inspiration? Let’s quiz Trevor on his winning design!

      Inventing the Sqweel!

      What inspired you to enter Lovehoney's Design a Sex Toy Competition (besides the prize money!)?

      "When I first spotted the Design a Sex Toy competition I was intrigued as I'd never seen a competition like it before! Being an artist I'd always had confidence in my design skills and thought it might be fun to give it some thought. Even if I couldn't think of something it'd be fun to try!"

      How has your life changed since you became the first winner of the Design a Sex Toy (DAST) Competition?

      "When I entered the DAST competition I was a struggling artist, living in the Irish countryside with not a whole lot to do. Winning the DAST competition and having a toy on the market has allowed me to move to the awesome city of Toronto, Canada and have hobbies like comedy improv! My life has changed a lot!"

    2. Meet the 2014 Design a Sex Toy Winner: Kevin Clark

      "After looking at the range of sex toys on the market, I was really drawn to the idea of improving
      the dildo.

      "Dildos haven’t really changed that much over time and there has
      only ever been two notable improvements: the addition of vibrations and the addition of a clitoral stimulator on the shaft.

      "Inspiration finally came when a friend asked me to try his new exercise machine [a Gyro Wrist Exercise Ball]. To me the exercise seemed pointless but the mechanism gave me a full-on eureka moment.

      Kevin Clark Winner of DAST 2014

      "I submitted my idea to Lovehoney and was totally stunned when I got the email telling me that I had won. I celebrated by taking my wife to a great restaurant and ordering champagne.

      "My friends all love the story.
      My parents are proud but wish I had won a competition they would be more comfortable telling their friends about.

      "My advice to any budding designers out there is to think revolution not evolution."