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  1. Meet The Judges

    Lovehoney has assembled a panel of expert judges, including the 'Philippe Starck of sex toys' - Lelo and Tickler Founder Eric Kalén, and from Lovehoney, Quality and Technical Manager Paul Jaques, Product Director Bonny Hall and Head of Online Trading Alice Little. Your orgasmic destiny is in their hands!

    1. Eric Kalen Design a Sex Toy Judge Lovehoney

      Eric Kalén – Founder of Lelo and Tickler

      Eric Kalén holds an MFA in Industrial Design from Konstfack school of Art, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden. In the beginning of his career as an industrial designer, Eric worked at a consultant company mainly designing for leading consumer goods, home appliance and furniture companies.

      Eric co-founded two of the leading companies in the industry: Lelo in 2003 and Tickler in 2009 and has since revolutionised the sex toy industry with his sophisticated designs. He has been called “the Philippe Starck of sex toys” by Elle France and has a history of designing the finest sex toys in the world.

      "We would like to see the future of sex toys, something new and innovative. Do your research to inform which materials or technical innovations are needed for your product to be made."

    2. Paul Jaques Design a Sex Toy Judge Lovehoney

      Paul Jaques – Lovehoney Quality and Technical Manager

      With over 40 years of electro-mechanical production experience, Paul brings a knowledge of 'how products go together' and looks, in detail, at the feasibility of new ideas with an eye to mass production.

      Until recently, Paul lived and worked in China helping to develop 'power' tools and now works in the gorgeous city of Bath developing 'pleasure' tools. Despite his roles being worlds apart, his aim is the same: to develop and produce innovative products that are fundamentally safe and simple to use.

      "The best inventors are those who can think of something that people don't even know they want yet. As Henry Ford once said, 'If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses'."

    3. Bonny Hall Design a Sex Toy Judge Lovehoney

      Bonny Hall – Lovehoney Product Director

      Bonny has been working at Lovehoney for 13 years and she thought she had seen it all until she saw Trevor Murphy's Sqweel design and is now eager to see what’s going to be the next big thing in sex toy design, following its phenomenal success.

      Bonny oversees Lovehoney's growing product range and also travels far and wide to find new products from suppliers around the globe. Every week Bonny is sent all sorts of weird and wonderful sex toys from manufacturers and suppliers who are desperate to see them on sale at Lovehoney.

      "Think outside the box, don't look at existing sex toys on the market - look instead at kitchen gadgets that have unique shapes! Think about the things you use and love in your everyday life and think how you can incorporate these design elements into your toy."

    4. Alice Little Design a Sex Toy Judge Lovehoney

      Alice Little – Head of Online Trading

      Alice has worked at Lovehoney for over 6 years and has built on her encyclopaedic knowledge of sex toys by writing about them, talking to the Lovehoney community members and learning about who likes what and why by heading up the organisation of over 150,000 customer sex toy reviews.

      Recently taking on the role of Head of Online Trading, she is eager to discover new, exciting and innovative sex toys that will revolutionise the world of intimate pleasure.

      "Think about the person you're designing for. If, for example, you've thought of a brilliant new clitoral stimulator then everything from the product's name to the design itself should appeal to your ideal customer: most likely a woman! Ask yourself: What sets your design apart from what's already available?"