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    Tall male with plus size partner trying to find the best items for the best sex with the few options on posstions.


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    13 Sep 2018 Fetish Fantasy Beginners Cupping Set (6 Piece)Fetish Fantasy Beginners Cupping Set (6 Piece) Great bit of fun but has quality issues Yu-Gi-OhOhOh! 5 out of 10
    13 Sep 2018 Lovehoney Perfect Partner Vibrating Strap-On 6 InchLovehoney Perfect Partner Vibrating Strap-On 6 Inch We call it Barney Yu-Gi-OhOhOh! 9 out of 10
    23 Jul 2018 Lovehoney Plus Size Unwrap Me Purple BabydollLovehoney Plus Size Unwrap Me Purple Babydoll Great, sexy but lacking in places Yu-Gi-OhOhOh! 8 out of 10
    16 Jan 2017 Fleshlight Sex in a Can Vampire Succu DryFleshlight Sex in a Can Vampire Succu Dry Something that goes bump in the night Yu-Gi-OhOhOh! 7 out of 10
    16 Jan 2017 Aneros Helix Syn Silicone Prostate MassagerAneros Helix Syn Silicone Prostate Massager Good but not for taller men Yu-Gi-OhOhOh! 9 out of 10


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    26 May 2020 Plus size lingerie reviewers - Review these!
    I'd like to sign up for this please. I'll email the sizes through now. 
    Inside Lovehoney
    9 May 2020 Sex advice for Fibromyalgia or Chronic fatigue syndrome (FMS/CFS/ME)
    My partner (female) has FMS and I'm looking for advice on ways to make sex more comfortable and easier for her?
    Sex Tips & Talk
    17 Apr 2020 Clitoris Pumping advice?
    My partner enjoys having her clitoris pumped, I was wondering what advice I can get on how to get her clitoris to go bigger and any advice on the...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    20 Jul 2019 Anal toy Torpedo
    I'm fairly new to anal toys and purchased a Vibrating P-massager. The issue I keep having is that i can;t seem to find a comfortable possition...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    16 Sep 2018 Peoples Thoughts on Male Lingerie?
    I've always been curious about Male lingerie and nothings really seemed pleaing to the eye to me. When it comes to Female lingerie is always shows...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    16 Sep 2018 Rimming
    Could use a Dental dam to begin with if you're worried about hygeine of it. Basically like a Condom for vaginal or anal oral.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    14 Sep 2018 Positions for larger sizes
    Me and my partner are fairly different shapes and sizes.  I'm a 6'6 male average build and she's a 5'5 plus sized female.  The problems we find are...
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    13 Sep 2018 Sex Toy Testers 0


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