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    21 Jun 2019 Hobbys
    we go Geocaching when we have time. Between children, and work there is not much free time. Also like a bit of cooking.
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    31 Jan 2018 Who is the most famous person you ever met??
    Lisa Kelly and Alex Deborgorski from Ice Road Truckers.
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    17 Aug 2017 Foods you can't stomach
    Mushrooms. ... smell makes me gip.
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    26 Dec 2016 Sum up your day in three words
    Eaten too much Pastry indigestion Rennies!!!
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    25 Sep 2016 Great British Bake Off
    Will it be better on C4??? No Will the Bbc 'new version' be any good?? No The bbc have lost yet another gem cos they wont pay out. So we all pay vast...
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    14 May 2016 How did you meet your Partner ?
    Met via a well known dating site. Responded to a message about her flooded garden... Recommended growing rice!. Messaged for a while... Then phone...
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    20 Jan 2016 First posting
    Evenin all. This is our first forum posting. We are in process if changing flavour.... From vanilla to something more exotic! Bought a few items,...
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