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    Later life virgin (circumstance not choice) that has officially given up on men after a 10 year run of liars, manipulators, users, and cheats.

    Big lover of glass, not one for large girths but length is love. Lover not a fighter, pleasure giver over receiver, more into physical and emotional closeness like touching/kissing/cuddling than sex, a lot to give, but resigned myself to the scrap heap of dating.


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    Date See the product Read the review Reviewer Rating
    20 Nov 2018 Escante Hot Pink Floral Lace G-StringEscante Hot Pink Floral Lace G-String Hot Hot Pink VirginAngel 10 out of 10
    20 Nov 2018 Classified Mrs Moo G-StringClassified Mrs Moo G-String A Moosing VirginAngel 9 out of 10
    4 Nov 2018 Escante Blue Floral Lace G-StringEscante Blue Floral Lace G-String Comfortable and sexy VirginAngel 9 out of 10
    16 Jul 2018 Escante Red Halterneck Lace Babydoll SetEscante Red Halterneck Lace Babydoll Set I'm in love with this VirginAngel 9 out of 10
    18 May 2018 Durex Play Gel Lubricant with Aloe Vera 50mlDurex Play Gel Lubricant with Aloe Vera 50ml Soothing, slippery fun VirginAngel 9 out of 10
    22 Nov 2016 Tracey Cox Supersex Power VibeTracey Cox Supersex Power Vibe The Enforcer VirginAngel 10 out of 10
    6 May 2016 Dreamgirl Raspberry Sheer Lace and Mesh Chemise SetDreamgirl Raspberry Sheer Lace and Mesh Chemise Set Ravishing Raspberry VirginAngel 10 out of 10
    5 Feb 2016 Lovehoney Dream Rabbit 10 Function Silicone Rabbit VibratorLovehoney Dream Rabbit 10 Function Silicone Rabbit Vibrator Follow the Purple Rabbit to Wonderland VirginAngel 10 out of 10
    3 Dec 2015 Lovehoney Unwrap Me BabydollLovehoney Unwrap Me Babydoll Unwrap a real gift VirginAngel 10 out of 10
    14 Nov 2015 Espiral Wet Look and Sheer Strappy Bra SetEspiral Wet Look and Sheer Strappy Bra Set Wet and wild VirginAngel 9 out of 10
    29 Sep 2015 Motorhead Overkill 10 Function Bullet VibratorMotorhead Overkill 10 Function Bullet Vibrator Packing powerful punches VirginAngel 9 out of 10
    26 May 2015 Lovehoney Lifelike 5.5 Inch Pink Dildo with Suction CupLovehoney Lifelike 5.5 Inch Pink Dildo with Suction Cup So disappointing VirginAngel 2 out of 10
    7 May 2015 Lovehoney Opaque Tube DressLovehoney Opaque Tube Dress Sadly disappointing VirginAngel 1 out of 10
    11 Jan 2015 Lapdance Red Platform Stilettos with 6 Inch HeelLapdance Red Platform Stilettos with 6 Inch Heel Shoes that ooze luxury with every step VirginAngel 10 out of 10
    3 Jan 2015 Fever Over The Knee Opaque StockingsFever Over The Knee Opaque Stockings Smooth and sleek VirginAngel 8 out of 10
    3 Jan 2015 Fever Fishnet StockingsFever Fishnet Stockings Not a good fit at all VirginAngel 2 out of 10
    3 Jan 2015 Pretty Polly Soft Shine 15 Denier Nude Lace Top Hold UpsPretty Polly Soft Shine 15 Denier Nude Lace Top Hold Ups My new best friend VirginAngel 10 out of 10
    26 Dec 2014 Durex Play Very Cherry Lubricant 50mlDurex Play Very Cherry Lubricant 50ml It does the job VirginAngel 9 out of 10
    19 Dec 2014 Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo SetTracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set Simply breathtaking VirginAngel 9 out of 10
    17 Nov 2014 Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass DildoLovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo Beaded curves VirginAngel 9 out of 10


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    Date Message Where?
    26 Nov 2018 Number of previous sexual partners
    Zero, and he's also had zero. Yes it would botherme if he'd had even one previus
    Sex Tips & Talk
    20 Nov 2018 Has Anyone's OH Been Overwhelmed By The Look Or Thought Of A Sex Toy?!
    My partner is a very vanilla person (not  problem to me) and i know he's not into the idea of bondage, but then neither am i. I haven't actually...
    Sex Toys
    20 Nov 2018 Allergies to lube
    Allergies no, but every time i use lube, within 24-48 hours i have a raging UTI.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    16 Nov 2018 Black Friday Offers....
    Rach i feel your pain, i put in  £30 order day before yesterday, and im sure there will be things i'd have preferred to buy instead over these deals,...
    Inside Lovehoney
    15 Nov 2018 Social media
    I use facebook daily, twitter i used to use and still check occasionally, had an instagram but it got stolen by someone who changed my password.
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    13 Nov 2018 Lesbian sex toy
    A wevibe might work, its a couples toy made for use during sex, one partner wears it and will get internal and external stimulation while the other...
    Sex Toys
    12 Nov 2018 What do you call the "naughty bits?"
    Me and my partner tend to stick to the actual anatomical words, i realise now i must be actually quite boring :P
    Sex Tips & Talk
    9 Nov 2018 What size?
    If you scroll down there will be a size chart for the brands sizing with inches, if you have a tape measure you could check if the 12/14 would fit or...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    8 Nov 2018 Worried after using dildo
    I've had the period pain like stomach aches afterwards, and pain what feels like its in my pelvic bone on my left side, but not noticed any bleeding....
    Sex Toys
    8 Nov 2018 Uncut or cut
    My 2 previous LDR partners were uncut, current partner is cut as hes American. What i do know is you need to use something to lubricate if they are...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    8 Nov 2018 Very weak orgasms - is there something wrong with me?
    Some women cannot orgasm at all, are you sure it is an actual orgasm you're experiencing? Every woman is different, i usually get one OK one then...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    4 Nov 2018 Explicit messages
    Of course it's cheating youre bein emotionally sexually intimate with someone other than your wife, i'd leave a relationship over this.
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    2 Nov 2018 The pubes must go!
    I wabt to go bare but the only times ive tried it have resulted in hundreds of tiny white heads and an unbearable itch.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    1 Nov 2018 Girls, what would you think of your guy wearing a thong?
    Not something i'm personally in to, but it would be his body his choice. He's gorgeous but bums aren't my "thing" i'm more an arms/torso...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    25 Oct 2018 "All I Want For Christmas (from Lovehoney) Is..."
    A nice pink lingerie set, to go with my AWESOME new furry leopard print pink stillettos!
    Sex Toys
    18 Oct 2018 Discreet packaging
    My dad recognises them, far worse than the postman!
    Sex Toys
    16 Oct 2018 Most depressing start to a birthday ever
    To add to having to have 2 pets put down less than 24 hours ago, now my phone has completely died out of warranty and 2 months shy of being able to...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    12 Oct 2018 How would your life change if....
    I'd not be being charged, i've lost all desire, having a bit of a mid life crisis with how i see myself and feeling like i'm getting old (birthday...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    12 Oct 2018 What is the last thing you ate?
    A bar of dairy milk, too lazy to make real food.
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    23 Sep 2018 Birthday Thread
    Ah i did wonder where it had gone
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    7 Mar 2014 Sex Toy Testers 0
    27 May 2017 Imminent buys / Saving for 5
    10 May 2018 If money were no object 13
    27 Oct 2018 Dream Toys 3


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