1. VanillaWithSprinkles: Photos

    I'm a 23 year old graduate and have been described as extra thicc... though I prefer curvy. I guess my sexuality is heteroflexible, much more likely to be with a man but hey, things happen! In the bedroom I like to take turns dominating and being submissive, but I think I am much better at the latter. Love piercings on both males and females. No current relationship but not opposed to having a FWB situation set up to get needs met.

    I love the smell and feel of leather so my DOMINIX pieces are my favourite.

    Biggest turn-on at the moment is spanking. Biggest turn-off is lack of respect in the bedroom.

    I'm just starting out sexually. Had two partners in my lifetime. I am currently exploring bondage restraints, harnesses and spanking paddles with goals of moving onto more hardcore items with a partner I can trust.

    Last note: I have got primary anorgasmia but I still have fun trying. Tried all sorts of vibrators and various sexual positions but not managed to get myself there yet. Not giving up hope though, there is an awful lot out there I am yet to experience!


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