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    5 Aug 2011 V-Active for Men Penis Power Spray 50mlV-Active for Men Penis Power Spray 50ml Low Power Spray? toycar69 3 out of 10
    21 May 2011 Pink Mouth Speed Bump Fleshlight InsertPink Mouth Speed Bump Fleshlight Insert Mind the Bump toycar69 9 out of 10
    23 Mar 2011 Shakers Vol. 03 Slide-Stroker Onacup Male MasturbatorShakers Vol. 03 Slide-Stroker Onacup Male Masturbator Darth Vaders masturbator: Feel the Power of The Dark Side toycar69 6 out of 10
    25 Feb 2011 Clit Flicker Vibrating Cock RingClit Flicker Vibrating Cock Ring Chunky Red Tongue Fun toycar69 7 out of 10
    30 Jan 2011 EXS City Mix Sensitive Condoms (6 Pack)EXS City Mix Sensitive Condoms (6 Pack) Thin Slim Jims toycar69 6 out of 10
    13 Dec 2010 Lust Dust Triple Pack with BrushLust Dust Triple Pack with Brush Back to School with Lust Dust toycar69 8 out of 10
    6 Dec 2010 Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Pocket PussyDoc Johnson Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy Sasha in my Pocket toycar69 5 out of 10
    23 Nov 2010 Pasante Lovers Lick 200mlPasante Lovers Lick 200ml Licky Sticky Yummy toycar69 8 out of 10
    6 Sep 2010 Durex Love Box Pleasure Condoms (3 Pack)Durex Love Box Pleasure Condoms (3 Pack) What's in the box? toycar69 8 out of 10
    23 Aug 2010 Lovehoney BASICS Love Ring Vibrating RingLovehoney BASICS Love Ring Vibrating Ring Basic for Beginners toycar69 7 out of 10
    23 Aug 2010 Beginners Basic Vibrating Finger BulletBeginners Basic Vibrating Finger Bullet BASICs gives a helping hand toycar69 8 out of 10
    16 Jul 2010 Liquid Silk Lube 250mlLiquid Silk Lube 250ml Silky goodness toycar69 9 out of 10
    16 Jul 2010 Sidekick Elastomer Masturbation Sleeve (Spikey)Sidekick Elastomer Masturbation Sleeve (Spikey) Nobbly fun toycar69 5 out of 10


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    5 Sep 2011 One-click vote for the Consumer Choice Award
    Inside Lovehoney
    2 Sep 2011 Guys: Edging
    nice one kev!
    Sex Tips & Talk
    2 Sep 2011 Advice would be much appreciated
    yes, its edging, get yourself close to orgasm, then slow down so you don't get there, and build back up a few times.  Basically take as much time...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    1 Sep 2011 When using a realistic male masturbator what's your favourite method for hands-free fun?
    woo, I got the first vote! Lots of options for hands free, but seeing as I generally use the bedroom, I've gone for between the bed and the...
    Sex Toys
    30 Aug 2011 'Liquid Silk' - Better than the real thing!
    JakeH wrote: Liquid Silk is definitely a forum and blogger favourite. It's smooth, slippery, doesn't smell or taste bad, looks like come and...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    25 Aug 2011 OK - some help is badly needed
    Well done to you Silver!  I'm sure you'll find something that presses the right buttons for you. :^)
    Sex Tips & Talk
    24 Aug 2011 OK - some help is badly needed
    good luck :^)
    Sex Tips & Talk
    24 Aug 2011 OK - some help is badly needed
    Just relax, take your time, and enjoy it Silver. There is no wrong or right thing to do, just experiment, and find out what feels good to...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    23 Aug 2011 Is there such a thing as a Master 'service'?
    well done MrsP, see you on the dark side ;)
    Sex Tips & Talk
    23 Aug 2011 Last book you read/reading
    last one was The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.  Had it on audio, and was listening in the car while doing some longer journeys.
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    22 Aug 2011 Is there such a thing as a Master 'service'?
    I think I see where you are going MrsP. I agree with ShellyBoo though, its worth checking out Fetlife, even if you are just looking for a little...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    18 Aug 2011 Tips & Advice for Pregnant Sex?
    My little boy was premature, so I can't say we had much experience of sex when you get close to the end. I can say, just enjoy yourselves, and...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    17 Aug 2011 Help and advice on a possible over reaction from my oh
    lol, high powered toy isn't exactly an option for guys usually! Generally if I'm going to indulge myself I find a bit of imagination goes a long...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    16 Aug 2011 iPhone and lovehoney forum posting hell
    BigPoppa, can you change your browser identity on the iphone to "desktop"? This works with other mobile devices like Android phones.
    Inside Lovehoney
    8 Aug 2011 Online perceptions
    Ok, here goes: I'm 7'4", green skinned, and 560lbs.  Oh wait, no thats Shrek.  Close though
    Sex Tips & Talk
    3 Aug 2011 dressed to tease and wanting to please
    Welcome to the LH forums crystal
    Introduce Yourself
    1 Aug 2011 Funny Television Phrases
    sorry Boobaloo, uban legend that one! http://www.snopes.com/radiotv/tv/pugwash.asp
    Sex Tips & Talk
    1 Aug 2011 Funny Television Phrases
    Miss Behaviour wrote:  I am terrible like this, innuendo rocks my world! There is a really hilarious episode of Rainbow, the kids...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    30 Jul 2011 Funny Television Phrases
    yep, love innuendo, both on TV and in real life. Only one I can think of at the moment, is a famous bit of cricket commentary on the radio....
    Sex Tips & Talk
    26 Jul 2011 Mini Competitions - file under random fun challenges
    got to be lube! http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=11677 You know EVERYTHING is better when its slippery.
    Inside Lovehoney


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    29 Nov 2010 OA wishlist 9


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